🇺🇸 Meet the TES Team – Part Ten: Colin

🇺🇸 Meet the TES Team – Part Ten: Colin

Before we get sucked into everything Eurovision/Junior Eurovision, we wanted to take the opportunity to give our readers a chance to get to the TES Team a bit better. There’s no better way to do this other than to do a series where we introduce ourselves. Next up is Colin!!

Hello Everyone!!!

I’m Colin – coming at you all the way from Texas in the United States. A little background on me is that I am in my last year of high school and I’m currently stressing out about writing all of my college application essays. Despite all this stress, I am so excited to have somewhere where I can nerd out about Eurovision and not leave my friends thinking “what is he talking about”.

Name: Colin Brown

Age: 18

Pronouns: He/Him

IG: @colin_brown_25

Twitter: @ESCwithColin

How Did I Get Into Eurovision

I am very new to the Eurovision scene, first encountering the contest just before the 2018 show in Lisbon. My discovery came by complete accident as I was scrolling on YouTube in my recommended videos, Michel Schultes’s “You Let Me Walk Alone” popped up. Being an American, I had never heard of Eurovision so I clicked on the music video and I was instantly hooked. I began binge-watching all the songs and Eurovision channels counting down the days to the Grand Final. When watching the final I was captivated by all the acts with the crazy pyro, killer dance moves, and the representation of all the different cultures on stage. I have since treated Eurovision like a religion watching each show and as many national finals as I can, and I vow to never miss another Eurovision.

At What Point Did I Consider Myself a “Eurofan”?

I would say I have been a Eurofan since I first started watching. I didn’t hesitate to dive right in and found myself spending nearly all of my free time watching and reading Eurovision-related content. The moment I was sure I loved Eurovision was in 2018 I was enthralled by Serbia, a country I barely even knew of singing in a language I have never heard before, being able to show their country’s culture made the contest special. Being from America we often don’t pay a lot of attention to the smaller countries and their cultures, so being able to see them represented on such a large stage allowed me to see how much of an impact Eurovision has and why the contest has remained popular over the years.

How Has My Life Changed?

Eurovision helped me a lot on my European geography quiz helping me score a 100 in record time. My playlists have become so much better and more diverse. But on a more serious note, Eurovision has had an extremely positive impact on my life. I have been able to meet people from across the world and made some really good friendships that I will cherish and remember.

My Favorite Eurovision Songs

Although 2018 will be forever close to my heart, I have songs from before then that I love. Here are some of my favorites songs of all time.

My Favorite National Final Songs

I try to watch as many national finals as I can. Even though I am often disappointed when my favorite doesn’t win, I can’t make myself turn away. I haven’t ventured to shows before 2018 so I have a very small selection of songs but without further ado here are some of my favorite national final songs.

What Am I Looking Forward To Next Eurovision

I am looking forward to watching all the national finals and discovering all the new amazing artists. I can’t wait to see whatever Italian city we end up in has to offer. By far the most exciting part is being able to watch along with everyone here at That Eurovision Site. It has been a pleasure being able to meet everyone on the team and I can’t wait to watch with everyone next year.

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