🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 Meet the TES Team – Part Twelve: Stuart

🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 Meet the TES Team – Part Twelve: Stuart

Before we get sucked into all things Eurovision/Junior Eurovision, we wanted to give our readers the opportunity to get to know our team a bit better. Next up in our introductions series is Stuart.

Hello, let me introduce myself – I am Stuart and have recently joined the team here at That Eurovision Site. I am from the Kingdom of Fife in Scotland. I have two jobs, I am a youth worker in schools, youth groups and clubs and I am a youth coordinator for a charity that supports people with learning disabilities. I have Dyspraxia and liken myself to a slow computer. I love all kinds of music and songs, from everything 80s and all things Clubland and everything in between, whatever takes my mood. I live for the tunes! My favourite artists are Kate Ryan, Hooverphonic and The Common Linnets.

Things I do in my free time are listening to music; watching TV; listening to ESC podcasts, following politics and current affairs. My favourite is spending time with my pals, especially playing card games or going out.

Name: Stuart C

Age: 27 – In my prime!

Pronouns: He/Him

You are also able to follow me, on the following social media platforms:

How did I get into the Eurovision Song Contest?

The first memory I have of, what I now know to be Eurovision, is from 2006. I come home from a meal out and on the TV was a blue scoreboard with a voice that was ridiculing countries voting for each other.

In 2007, I can vaguely remember seeing parts of Making Your Mind Up (the UK’s selection show for Eurovision); later that year I would sit down to watch the full grand final for the first time.

In 2008 I discovered the semi-finals and remember being wide-eyed by Dustin the Turkey. That performance sparked my interest in this television spectacle. I was a 13-year-old numpthy so a singing turkey was right up my street. I remember watching it over a good few times before tuning in to the second semi-final.

What point did I consider myself as a “Eurofan”?

From the day after the 2008 final, I would log onto the BBC Eurovision website regularly and watch all the music videos over and over again. I was hooked from this point, searching for Eurovision performances and recaps on YouTube and reading all about the history of the show on Wikipedia.

I had become a ‘fan’ just in time because in 2009 the BBC put on a multi-week selection process! Then in Moscow landed in 5th Place at the Song Contest. A far cry from results recently.

I have been a wholehearted follower of Eurovision since 2008, obsessed with all things ESC. A great chunk of my youth was spent watching Eurovision videos, reading articles, following ESC news and refreshing the BBC Eurovision site after school – this was of course a time before Twitter notifications and a smartphone.

Following the Eurovision Song Contest

I won’t open any Christmas presents before Christmas day; I won’t eat easter eggs before Easter Sunday; and apart from the UK’s entries, I have never listened to any of the Eurovision songs before the shows. Before the contest, I am dodging the songs whilst intently following the contest and getting excited about songs I haven’t heard, listening to and reading all the reviews. Avoiding hearing the songs beforehand has become harder over the years, but I love the excitement of the wait. By the time Semi-Final 1 comes around – I am ready to explode as it is the first time I get to see and hear any of the entries!

How has my life changed since becoming a Eurofan?

Eurovision is my biggest interest and hobby, I am hugely passionate about it! It is escapism, a safe place and somewhere to find joy and delight. This I have devoted myself to and it’s good to have something that I have good expertise in.

Everybody has got a view on Eurovision and there are many misconceptions that ESC is subject to. There being ‘Eurofans’ can be a difficult concept for some people, they don’t understand that some people like tennis, others like football, there are people that are super into knitting, then there are people who really like anime, or really like heavy metal music, or really like Marvel movies, and there are also some truly special people who like Eurovision and all of it is ok!

I haven’t been to any contests but I have travelled to London in 2017 and Brighton in 2018 to watch Eurovision: You Decide. My first trip alone and huge personal step for me was going to The Netherlands in 2016, for three days, to see The Common Linnets live at the New Luxor Theatre in Rotterdam. I had a brilliant time!

What are my favourite Eurovision Songs and Countries

I am someone who is painfully indecisive in general, and so when it comes to Eurovision I have about 100 favourites – there is so much music that I love!

When it comes to particular countries Italy is up there! I love their music and language and they do send the finest absolute instant classics.

I guess when it comes to picking my five favourite songs to share with you here, I’ve got to opt for songs that have me singing along and it is more than just these five!

What are my favourite National Final songs

Watching national selections is different for me because I’m not listening to any of the songs before Eurovision. Therefore I don’t watch national selections live (apart from the UK’s), instead, catching up with the eliminated songs afterwards. A few favourites of mine:

What am I looking forward to in the next Eurovision season?

The countdown to Tuesday 10th May is very much on!

Can The Rasmus make it to Eurovision? I am really hyped when well-established acts come to Eurovision. Will we have another Flo Rida moment… Is Craig David on stand by for Moldova?

The question of who will represent the UK at Eurovision is fraught, I learned a while ago not to get my hopes up, but will my low expectations be exceeded?

I am most looking forward to everything about May and to watching the shows that RAI and Italy put together – the presenters, graphics, performances, intervals, commentary! Eurovision itself is never fraught! Only absolute joy!

What do you think of Stuart’s opinions? Want to learn more about our team? Let us know in the comments below or on social media. Don’t forget to follow ‘THAT Eurovision Site’ over at FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.

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