🇬🇧 Meet the TES Team: Daniel

🇬🇧 Meet the TES Team: Daniel

Hi! I’m Daniel, a graduate journalist from Cumbria in the UK, I’m excited to join the team!

Name: Daniel

Age: 21

Pronouns: He/Him

You can find me talking about a weird mix of football and eurovision at @tojonation on twitter.

How did I get into the Eurovision Song Contest?

In relative terms I’m a Eurovision newbie, I only got into the contest over the pandemic and ahead of the 2021 edition after some friends in a group chat started talking about their excitement as the entries for that year started to come in.

I joined them on the journey and VICTORIA’s “growing up is getting old” became my favourite, kickstarting a curse where songs I really like come 11th.

Victoria rehearsing during the 2021 contest (Image – Jan van Heeren)

At what point did I consider myself a Eurofan?

Very quickly after that. I went very quickly from never haven given the contest a second thought to it being rent free in my head, initially I only spoke to fans that I already knew through the twitter spheres I was already on, but 2022 is when I started really moving towards the ESC Fandom, including watching my first national finals – NRK’s Melodi Grand Prix being my favourite.

What are my favourite Eurovision songs and countries?

Finally, the fun bit.

Struck with not much to do over the summer, I used maths to figure out my favourite countries over the last decade. The Netherlands, Bulgaria, Norway & Italy scored the highest in this, the former taking the crown thanks in large part to not falling below my third place since 2021.

As for songs:

What are my favourite national final entries?

One year there’ll be a national final season that doesn’t completely break my heart and eliminate one of my songs of the season. I’ve only watched three years’ worth, but here are my favourites so far:

What am I looking forward to in the next Eurovision season?

Hopefully my favourite will actually qualify for the final this year! Other than that the same things as every year, being exposed to music by a whole host of artists I’d otherwise have never heard of – mixed in with the inevitable and enjoyable chaos a Eurovision season brings.

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Photo Credit: Daniel

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