🇮🇹 TES Reviews: Glitzy glamour rock for Måneskin

🇮🇹 TES Reviews: Glitzy glamour rock for Måneskin

Up first today is Italy, who are being represented by Måneskin. Måneskin will be singing the song ‘Zitti e buoni’ in this year’s competition.

What did we make of Italy’s rehearsal?

The performance begins with lead singer Damiano coming out from the back of the stage, topless and wearing a thin scarf around his neck. The first verse sees Damiano walk to the centre of the stage, while the other members play their instruments. The background is white with silhouettes of the band playing their instruments. In the first chorus, Damiano starts to run around the stage jamming with the other band members. Both the male and female guitarist go to opposite ends of the stage and get close-ups in the second verse, as Damiano stays centre stage.

In the bridge, the stage goes red as the male guitarist and Damiano stand together and sing/play. Damiano grabs the guitarists head as he sings the “Parla” section. When the instruments go quiet in the break, the stage turns blue and Damiano runs to the drummer, who is sat on a tall girdled pyramid adorned with lights and starts headbanging while singing. The performance ends with a phenomenal use of pyrotechnics, include pyro curtains, bursts of flames and sustained fireworks on the front of the stage. A final shot is of Damiano who falls in the centre of the stage, as his silhouette does in the background.

Now, what does the team make of Italy’s rehearsal?

Rory: Italy’s runthrough just SCREAMS glam-rock. The way that it’s all a gay-silver hue really gives it that slick and gritty edge. Damiano’s voice is perfect for the style of song and can easily convey that sense of anger and craziness the lyrics speak about. I suppose I would love to see the other members more on stage, but I am overall quite pleased with this! Italy is definitely getting a Top 10 result here.

Jazzi: This is GOOD there have been times in the last few years Italy have disappointed me slightly with staging however 2021 isn’t one of those years! This is strong and powerful it feels like you are at a stadium concert watching Måneskin perform they are such charismatic performers! This is definitely in contention for a Top 5 at Eurovision maybe Italy will finally get that win!

Rosie: Italy’s reputation for staging in Eurovision is mixed, but this year, it’s an absolute hit. It’s a rock concert through and through, that gives every member of the band their moments to shine. The aesthetics are what we’ve come to know from Måneskin – glamorous, slightly quirky, very, um, aesthetically pleasing. There’s pyro – so much pyro – and Damiano has been note-perfect in both runs we’ve seen. This is Måneskin’s world and we’re just living in it.

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News Source: EBU/ That Eurovision Site

Photo Source: Gabriele Giussani

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