🗳️ Our ESC 250 Votes: Jazzi

🗳️ Our ESC 250 Votes: Jazzi

The voting for the annual ESC 250 celebration closed on 5th December 2021, and now we have a nervous wait to find out the results!

The event is hosted by songfestival.be, with the results revealed throughout the day on 31st December 2021 on ESC Radio to close out the year. Find out more about it here!

While we wait to find out the official results, members of the TES team will be sharing their votes for this year and explaining why they have voted the way they have. Jazzi is next up to reveal her votes for this year’s ESC250.

Why I voted how I voted

I used a mixture of different reasons, to vote for songs, some songs are genuinely in my top 10 of all time, namely my top 5. Another method to my votes is also to always include my winner of the current Eurovision year. Then lastly I give points to songs that I feel will get underrated in the contest, or the song has a personal sentimental meaning to me.

1 Point: I Love U Mi Vida – D’NASH (🇪🇸 2007 )

2007 is definitely my favorite year in the 00’s when it comes to Eurovision. “I Love U Mi Vida” is cheesy but a lot of fun. I voted for it this year as I love this era of 00’s boyband music, which you may know if you listen to our podcast. D’NASH’s song also deserves more love in the Eurovision community in my opinion. I love Spain’s 00’s entries as a whole and this to me is the best of the lot.

2 Points:  Forogj Világ – NOX (🇭🇺 2005)

Forogj Világ, is without a doubt my favorite Hungarian entry. This stands out among everything competing in Eurovison 2005. This is so fun and dynamic, this was a welcome return to the contest back then. If Hungary are to ever come back to Eurovision, I would hope it is with as bigger of a bang as this is.

3 Points: Hallelujah- Gali Atari & Milk and Honey (🇮🇱 1979)

Hallelujah is without a doubt my favorite Eurovision winner. The song itself is very sweet and wholesome. Throughout lockdown I listened to this a lot with other Eurovision fans and it just brought a sense of community. This is also fun to sing a long to during nights out at Eurovision events – truly a song that brings people together.

4 Points: Øve Os På Hinanden – Fyr og Flamme (🇩🇰 2021)

This song got me through some tough times this year. In a bad patch this song put a smile back on my face and for that I had to give it points. I also feel this song will get severely underrated in ESC 250 – to the point it might not even make the 250 and I wanted to give it that push.

5 Points: Dark Side – Blind Channel (🇫🇮 2021)

This is my 2021 Eurovision winner! It had to be here. This is everything I love in a song. I can rock out to it, but also have a lot of fun with it as well. When this did well I was so happy, as it’s been a while since we have seen Finland be successful in the contest.

6 Points: Under The Ladder – MELOVIN (🇺🇦 2018)

Melovin was one of the first Eurovision Song Contest artists I ever met! So again this this song has some sentimental meanings to me! This song signifies the first time I started attended Eurovision events. I feel like without Under The Ladder I wouldn’t have integrated myself into the fandom as much as I have.

7 Points: Monsters – Saara Aalto (🇫🇮 2018)

Saara is an artist I followed before she did Eurovision. I became attached to Saara via The X Factor UK in 2016. I thought her voice was stunning and her charisma was out of this world. On top of everything I love about Saara as an artist Monsters is an absolute bop and deserved so much better in the 2018 Eurovision final.

8 Points: This Is My Life – Euroband (🇮🇸 2008)

This is by far my favorite Eurovision song of the noughties. Euroband’s song and performance brought such a sense of fun to the 2008 contest. Back in 2008 this would of been exactly the type of song I would have listened to on a daily basis. This is also another song which I feel could be at risk of not making the ESC250, but I feel it definitely deserves to.

10 Points: Hatrið mun sigra – Hatari (🇮🇸 2019)

Hatari are like nothing we have seen before in Eurovision. The performance of Hatrið mun sigra is so different, but yet so appealing to me. I get people have a love/hate relationship with this song, but I absolutely adore this, and their stage presence. This is with out a doubt Iceland’s best Eurovision entry, I also love how this seems to be the entry that have got Iceland back onto a good thing when it comes to the contest.

12 Points: Something Better: Softengine ( 🇫🇮 2014)

For anyone that doesn’t know me, 2014 was the year I became a fully fledged Eurovision fan. This was the song and performance that made me fall in love with the contest. I don’t think I’d be here today writing this article without this song. This isn’t just a song I love in the context of Eurovision, this is type of music I have listened to throughout my childhood. While being Modern for 2014, “Something Better” also makes me feel very nostalgic, especially now I am getting older. I am proud to call this my favorite Eurovision song ever.

Now that Jazzi has revealed their votes for ESC 250, what do you think of them? Who has gotten your 12 points this year? As always, please let us know what you think by commenting below. Be sure to follow ‘THAT Eurovision Site’ on TwitterFacebook, and Instagram.

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