TES In Depth: Romania’s Roxen with ‘Amnesia’

TES In Depth: Romania’s Roxen with ‘Amnesia’

We are close to wrapping up our Eurovison reviews for Semi Final One. Next up we take a look at Romania’s Roxen with ‘Amnesia’. If you want to hear our in depth analysis of Roxen’s song then watch this video below:

A look into Roxen’s Career so far:

Roxen is fairly new to the music industry, releasing her first single in 2019. She has already had two number one singles in Romania. Roxen also featured on Eurovision winner Alexander Rybak’s single ‘Wonderland’ after back in 2020. Roxen was internally chosen to represent Romania back in 2020, she had a song selection where ‘Alcohol You’ won, however due to the Covid-19 pandemic cancelling the 2020 contest she is back to represent Romania this year.

Our opinions on ‘Amnesia’


Opinion: I really enjoy this when I am listening to it, however afterwards I find myself forgetting ‘Amnesia’ exists. I really like Roxen’s voice and find it quite unique. Romania have been in a bit of a slump when it comes to Eurovision and I hope this does bring them back to the final. The song is quality, however once in the final I struggle to see what impact it would have.

Overall Ranking: 20th

Prediction: 6th-9th in the semi final, 22nd-18th in the final.


Opinion: “Amnesia” has grown to be one of my dark horses this year. This song is a lovely maturity for both Romania in Eurovision and Roxen as an artist. Her vocal delivery is a little distorted – however, given how she was able to sing her candidate songs last year to an incredible quality, I am totally sure that her voice will be alright on the night. Perhaps this could be a shock qualifier, but after the non-qualifications Romania have been suffering, I wouldn’t underestimate “Amnesia” and its highly relatable message.

Overall Ranking: 11th

Prediction: 4th-9th in the final. 12th-17th in the final.


Opinion: Amnesia took a little bit of time to truly grow on me – I liked it when it first came out, but it struggled to be memorable. With a few more listens, it’s really begun to stand out now. I still have worries about how it’ll sound live, as Roxen’s voice on the studio track feels quite distorted, but we do know that she can put on a great show (if she wants to!) If they can find a way to effectively demonstrate its very powerful message, I can see this doing well, though I don’t know if it’s a definite qualifier just yet.

Overall Ranking: 18th

Prediction: 6th-12th in the semi-final, the upper half of the right-hand side in the final.

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Photo Credit: Bogdan Petrice

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