🇩🇪 TES Reviews: Jendrik duets with his dancers in his second rehearsal

🇩🇪 TES Reviews: Jendrik duets with his dancers in his second rehearsal

What’s changed in Rehearsal Two?

Rehearsing right now inside the Ahoy Arena is Jendrik, performing “I Don’t Feel Hate” for Germany. Here is what has changed since the first rehearsal, and what the team thinks of the changes.

Jendrik remains the centrepiece of this performance, but we get plenty of love and attention given to his “crew” as well. The peace sign performer (who we now know is called Sofia) gets a larger role in the performance, sharing a dance duet with Jendrik in the first instrumental break. The rest of the work here has been done to polish up the coordination between camera angles and movements – the section where Jendrik looks between the cameras to either side is now much sharper. His final speech keeps changing – something he promised in the press conference the other day. The whole crew look like they’re having a delightful time, and I’m getting strong Pollapönk vibes.

In case you missed it…

If you didn’t catch what Jendrik’s original staging looked like, check out our article on what initially happened in the first rehearsal here:

If you didn’t see the first rehearsal clip of Germany’s performance, check it out here!

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News Credit: EBU / That Eurovision Site

Photo Credit: EBU / Thomas Hanses

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