🇳🇱 TES Reviews: Classy choreography for Jeangu Macrooy’s second rehearsal

🇳🇱 TES Reviews: Classy choreography for Jeangu Macrooy’s second rehearsal

What’s changed in Rehearsal Two?

Rehearsing right now inside the Ahoy Arena is Jeangu Macrooy, performing “Birth of A New Age” for the Netherlands. Here is what has changed since the first rehearsal, and what the team thinks of the changes.

Not much has changed between Jeangu’s first and second rehearsals; however, there are a couple of noticeable differences. Jeangu is no longer wearing a harness-style shirt underneath his blue suit jacket and is thus shirtless underneath. There are some more intense camera shots of Jeangu delivering the first verse before shooting to the crimping dancer at the front of the stage. The dancer then runs to the leftmost corner of the satellite stage to do some more choreography. The backdrop remains very dark until the breakdown of the song, where instead of an explosion of colour, we see a rising star with beams of light radiating from it. The colour comes in at the beginning of the final chorus, where Jeangu again does his carefully choreographed routine before heading to the small stage to ad lib and finish the track.

In case you missed it…

If you didn’t catch what Jeangu’s original staging looked like, check out our article on what initially happened in the first rehearsal here:

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News Credit: EBU / That Eurovision Site

Photo Credit: EBU / Thomas Hanses

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