🇪🇸 Benidorm Fest Running Order and Guest Performers Revealed

🇪🇸 Benidorm Fest Running Order and Guest Performers Revealed

Tonight is the Grand Final of Benidorm Fest in Spain. We have our four qualifiers from the first and second semi-finals; now, we know the running order of the Benidorm Grand Final.

And we also know the guest performers that will be part of tonight’s show.

The Benidorm Grand Final Running Order

Per RTVE, The running order for tonight’s Benidorm Fest Grand Final is as follows:

  1. Rayden – “Calle de la llorería”
  2. Tanxugueiras – “Terra”
  3. Varry Brava – “Raffaella”
  4. Chanel – “SloMo”
  5. Rigoberta Bandini – “Ay Mama”
  6. Xeinn – “Eco”
  7. Gonzalo Hermida – “Quién lo diría”
  8. Blanca Paloma – “Secreto de agua”

Gonzalo Hermida could not participate live in his semi-final due to a positive COVID-19 test. Although there was the possibility that he could perform in tonight’s final if cleared, Gonzalo unfortunately tested positive again this morning and will once again be judged based on the music video for his song.

Special Guests for the Benidorm Grand Final

RTVE also confirmed a star-studded list of special guests for tonight’s show. They include:

  • Pastora Soler – Represented Spain at Eurovision 2012 with “Quedate conmigo”, finishing 10th, Spain’s best result in the 2010s.
  • Blas Cantó – Represented Spain at Eurovision 2021 with “Voy a quedarme”; he will also present the winner’s trophy.
  • Mocedades – Represented Spain at Eurovision 1973 with “Eres Tu”, which became a worldwide hit.
  • Nia Correia and Nyno Vargas – Nia won the 2020 edition of Operacion Triunfo.

Levi Diaz and Melani Garcia, who represented Spain at Junior Eurovision in 2021 and 2019, respectively, will also be present tonight.

Spain in the Eurovision Song Contest

Spain debuted at the Eurovision Song Contest in 1961 with Conchita Bautista’s “Estando Contigo” and the country earned its first win in 1968 with Massiel’s “La La La”. They then earned their second consecutive win in 1969 with Salome’s “Vivo Cantando” in an infamous four-way tie. Although they have yet to win again, Spain earned several 2nd place finishes, including Mocedades’ “Eres tu” in 1973 and Anabel Conde’s “Vuelve conmigo” in 1996.

However, Spain has been less successful in recent years. Although they achieved two 10th place finishes in 2012 and 2014, the country has not finished above 20th place since 2015. This includes one last-place finish in 2017. Unfortunately, this trend continued in 2021, with Blas Canto finishing in 24th place at the 2021 contest with 6 points.

Are you excited for tonight’s guest stars? Who is your pick to win Benidorm Fest 2022? Let us know in the comments or on social media. Be sure to follow ‘THAT Eurovision Site’ on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

News Source: RTVE

Photo Source: RTVE

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