🇪🇸 Benidorm Fest Semi-Final One results revealed

🇪🇸 Benidorm Fest Semi-Final One results revealed

The first semi-final of Benidorm Fest took place this evening, with four acts gaining a place in Saturday’s grand final! You can see the results below:

Semi One Results

OrderArtistSong TitleJury PointsDemoscopic Jury PointsTelevote PointsTotalResult
1Varry Brava“Raffaella”39152074Qualified
2Azúcar Moreno“Postureo”39181269Did Not Advance
3Blanca Paloma“Secreto de agua”41201879Qualified
4Unique“Mejores”28121555Did Not Advance

Luna Ki had been due to participate in this semi-final with their song “Voy a morir”, however withdrew earlier in the week. The reasons for withdrawal were due to the song being unable to compete in Eurovision due to the rules surrounding autotune in the contest. Did Not Advance

Details about Benidorm Fest

This year’s Benidorm Fest is taking place at the Palacio de Deportes L’ILLA. There are three shows in this year’s national final, two semi-finals taking place on 26th and 27th January and the final on Saturday 29th January. Four acts from each semi-final will qualify for the grand final. The winQualifiedner will be chosen by 50% jury voting and 50% audience voting, split into a 25% televote and 25% demoscopic panel.

The five jurors for the festival this year are:

  • Estefanía García – Coordinator of the RTVE Orchestra and Choir
  • Felix Bergsson – Head of Delegation for Iceland at Eurovision
  • Marvin Dietmann – Creative Director
  • Miryam Benedited – Choreographer
  • Natalia Calderón – Singer, actress and vocal coach

Interval Acts

Tonight’s show hosted two interval acts, one of whom is a very familiar face to Eurovision fans! Salvador Sobral, the 2017 Eurovision winner, performed “Fiu que meu amor”.

The other interval act in tonight’s show was Marlon, who performed their song “De Perreo”.

Spain in the Eurovision Song Contest

Spain debuted at the Eurovision Song Contest in 1961 with Conchita Bautista’s “Estando Contigo” and the country earned its first win in 1968 with Massiel’s “La La La”. They then earned their second consecutive win in 1969 with Salome’s “Vivo Cantando” in an infamous four-way tie. Although they have yet to win again, Spain earned several 2nd place finishes, including Mocedades’ “Eres tu” in 1973 and Anabel Conde’s “Vuelve conmigo” in 1996.

However, Spain has been less successful in recent years. Although they achieved two 10th place finishes in 2012 and 2014, the country has not finished above 20th place since 2015. This includes one last-place finish in 2017. Unfortunately, this trend continued in 2021, with Blas Canto’s “Voy a quedarme” finishing in 24th place at the 2021 contest with 6 points.

What did you make of tonight’s show? Did the right acts qualify? As always, let us know in the comments or on social media. Also, be sure to follow THAT Eurovision Site on TwitterFacebook, and Instagram.

News Source: RTVE

Photo Source: RTVE

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