🇧🇪 Belgium’s VRT may use national final to select Eurovision 2023 participant

🇧🇪 Belgium’s VRT may use national final to select Eurovision 2023 participant

After last year’s French-speaking broadcaster, RTBF, secured a 19th place in the final with Jérémie Makiese’s “Miss You”, it is the Flemish broadcaster VRT’s turn to organize Eurovision for Belgium. Belgium has traditionally used internal selection to choose its artists; however, Flemish radio personality Peter van de Veire has implied that VRT will use a national final to select its 2023 participant.

Het Laatste Nieuws reported yesterday that van de Veire, speaking on the program Zomerhit, said that Belgium will make “a little more of a production this year” than usual. Van de Veire said, “VRT has the fantastic task of sending someone, or someones, to Eurovision this year. I love the Eurovision Song Contest, but critics dismiss it. But the contest is about the youth and the future.” HLN suggests that this means VRT will hold a national final; however, as yet there is no official word from VRT regarding a national selection.

Belgium’s History with National Finals

Belgium last used a national final, Eurosong, in 2016. Its winner, Laura Tesoro, placed tenth in the grand final with “What’s the Pressure”. Historically, VRT has been more likely to use a national final, while RTBF is more likely to rely on internal selection. Belgium was also one of the earliest countries to utilize a national final, dating back to 1957.

Belgium’s Eurovision Journey

Belgium was one of the debutant countries at the beginning of the Eurovision Song Contest back in 1956. Back in 1956, countries could submit two songs, and for Belgium that year, ‘Messieurs les noyes de la Seine’ by Fud Leclerc and ‘Le plus beau jour de ma vie’ by Mony Marc represented the nation. To this day we do not know the final results of Eurovision 1956.

Belgium have taken part in every Eurovision Song Contest since 1956; however they have only ever won once; in 1986 with Sandra Kim singing the song ‘J’amie la vie’, scoring 176 points. In 2022, Belgium was represented by Jérémie Makiese with the song “Miss You”. Makiese came 19th scoring 64 points in the Grand Final.

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News Source: HLN

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