🇦🇱 Festivali I Këngës night 1 and 2 running orders revealed!

🇦🇱 Festivali I Këngës night 1 and 2 running orders revealed!

Tomorrow Albania’s Festivali I Këngës kicks off! The running orders for the first two nights have been revealed by Albanian broadcaster RTSH. The running orders were completed by random draw at a press conference last week.

Running orders for Festivali I Këngës’ first two nights

Night 1

Running OrderArtistSong TitleSongwritersComposers
1Enxhi Nasufi“Burrë”Alandy (Andrew Vornicu)Enxhi Nasufi,
Alandy (Andrew Vornicu)
2Erma Mici“Kozmosi I Dashurisë”Erma MiciErma Mici
3Fabian Basha“Një Gotë”Alban Kondi,
Fabian Basha
Alban Kondi
4Anduel Kovaçi“Malli”Irkenc HykaIrkenc Hyka
 (Filloreta Raçi)
 (Filloreta Raçi)
 (Filloreta Raçi)
6Urban Band“Në Çdo Hap”Klodian RexhepajKelly (Florian Carkanji)
72 Farm“Atomike”Klevis Bega, Renan Berati, Redvis MaziKlevis Bega, Renan Berati, Redvis Mazi
8Sara Kapo“Para Teje”Sara KapoSara Kapo
9Rezearta Smaja“N’Eden”Eriona RushitiEriona Rushiti
10Albina Kelmendi“Duje”Enis MullaEnis Mulla
11Serxhio Hajdini“Vështirë”Serxhio HajdiniSerxhio Hajdini
12Luna Causholli“Jetën Ta Fal”Endri ShaniPandi Laço
13Rovena Dilo“Motit”Aldo ShqalshiRovena Dilo

Night 2

Running OrderArtistSong TitleSongwritersComposers
1Melodajna Mancaku“Gjysma E Zemrës Sime”Wendi MancakuMelodajna Mancaku
2Permit of Stay“Fobia”Ergys MetaErgys Meta
3Arsi Bako“Sonte Dua Të Tem Me Ty”Osman MulaEvis Mula
4Gjergj Kaçinari“Dje”Gjergj KaçinariGjergj Kaçinari
5Franc Koruni“Në pritje”Franc KoruniFranc Koruni
6Petrit Çarkaxhiu“Emri Yt Mirësi”Petrit ÇarkaxhiuPetrit Çarkaxhiu
7Elsa Lila“Evita”Elsa LilaElsa Lila
8Genti Hoxha“Ajër”Jeris KasoElio Shuli
9Evi Reçi“Ma Kthe”Ervin GonxhiErvin Gonxhi
10Manjola Nallbani“Dua”Kledi BahitiManjola Nallbani
11LYNX“Nëse ke besim”LYNXLYNX
12Alban Kondi & Lorela Karoshi“Melodi”Alban KondiAlban Kondi
13Vanesa Sono“Aroma Jonë”Vanesa SonoVanesa Sono

What we already know about Festivali I Këngës 61!

Festivali i Këngës returns once again to select Albania’s representative for Eurovision 2023, but with some changes to the format this year! Most notably, the Eurovision representative will be chosen through a public SMS vote rather than a jury selection like in previous years.

Furthermore, an extra night has been added to the schedule this year. Albanian TV presenter Arbana Osmani will present all four shows. Osmani previously revealed that the special guests over the course of each night will be Margarita Xhepa, Kledi Kadiu, Ambeta Toromany and Gala Aliaj.

Albania’s Eurovision Journey

In 2004, Albania made its debut into the Eurovision Song Contest with Anjeza Shahini with “Image of You” which managed to place 7th in the final. Since their debut, Albania has participated 18 times, and made the final 10 times, with their best result in 2012 where Rona Nishliu placed 5th with “Suus”. In 2022, Ronela Hajati represented Albania with “Sekret”. However, despite being a fan favorite, Albania did not manage to make the final, placing 12th with 58 points from both the juries and televoters.

Which night is your favourite performing on? Who are you the most excited to see perform? As always, let us know what you think by commenting below. Also, be sure to follow “That Eurovision Site” on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Tiktok as we prepare for Eurovision 2023!

News Source: RTSH

Photo Credit RTSH

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