🇫🇷 Further information about Junior Eurovision 2023 has been revealed

🇫🇷 Further information about Junior Eurovision 2023 has been revealed

With Eurovision 2023 wrapping up nicely in Liverpool, we now look ahead to Junior Eurovision 2023, which will take place in ‘Nice’. During Eurovision week, we have had some updates about the 21st edition of the contest, which includes the slogan for this year’s contest.

“Heroes” is the slogan of Junior Eurovision 2023

As revealed in a press conference during Eurovision in Liverpool, where a trailer, which details the contest being welcomed to ‘Nice’ unveiled the slogan for this year’s contest “Heroes”.

Keeping with the fairytale-like theme for the 2023 contest

Speaking more about the slogan, Alexandra Redde mentioned that they wanted to have a similar vibe to when they hosted the contest in 2021, and that this year’s show will have good vibes, entertainment, and fun times.

Some serious topics like the environmental theme were extremely present in many songs of the last contest, and the children are the real Heroes of tomorrow, and they are the ones who have the solutions. So we wanted to let them empower themselves

In addition, Alexandra also explained why Nice was selected to host this year’s competition:

“Nice is absolutely unique. It’s a cosmopolitan city open to the world, which has been recognised by the international community and listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2021.”

More information to be revealed in due course

Alexandra has revealed that there is more to be revealed, and that there is more to be revealed in due course (such as the artwork, the stage design etc.)

I’m keeping a few surprises in store for you, particularly in terms of the stage and artwork, but just like in 2021, we want to offer delegations an exceptional set design for expression, and allow the brand to continue to flourish as all these wonderful artists will do on our Nice stage

Finally, the number of participants for this year’s competition is yet to be revealed, but Alexandra revealed that they are looking forward to discussing having new countries in this year’s competition.

“It’s so important that the Junior Eurovision becomes powerful… If I could have 30 countries in the Junior Eurovision it would be amazing!”

About Junior Eurovision 2023

Junior Eurovision 2023 landed in ‘Nice’ after France won the competition for a second time in Yerevan, where its 2022 representative Lissandro won the competition with “Oh Maman”. This year’s competition will take place on the 26th of November at 16:00CET in Nice, at the Palais Nikaïa in Nice, which can accomodate up to 9,000 spectators.

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News Source: EBU/France Télévisions

Photo Credit: That Eurovision Site

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