🇬🇷 Victor Vernicos releases gently powerful “The 968 Paradox”

🇬🇷 Victor Vernicos releases gently powerful “The 968 Paradox”

In the wake of his participation at the Eurovision Song Contest 2023, Greece’s Victor Vernicos has released his follow-up single, “The 968 Paradox”. This is his eighth commercial single, aged just 17.

What is the meaning of the title?

The track’s title – “The 968 Paradox” – is described by the Urban Dictionary as:

The 968 Paradox originates from the devil’s number “666” and resembles how the opposite of it “999” (the positive) and itself come together (when overlapped) to create “8” : the number of infinity as respected in many cultures worldwide.

The 968 Paradox represents the paradoxical nature of positivity and negativity, and how they provoke and complete each other in the universal balance of life.

Urban Dictionary’s definition of the 968 paradox

Following this definition, the song’s title perfectly fits in the style of the music. Lyrically, Victor celebrates the little steps in life, despite the several setbacks he faces. He calls on the listener to “feel the serenity in the chaos”. Throughout the song, Victor ask for a positive mindset using conflicting ideals himself; “Heal me darling, I am open / Feel my heart beat, I am broken”.

Instrumentally, the song provides a warm aura despite its minimality, with a guitar and thumping bass drum throughout. Faded synths gradually swell into the production before the song cuts to a solitary piano. The track is in a similar vein as “What They Say” through its gentle mixing that still provides a kick. Victor’s mature vocal delivery helps to tie the ideas together in a tight package that can appeal to everyone in its accessibility.

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Victor Vernicos’ Eurovision journey

Victor Vernicos Jørgensen is a singer-songwriter hailing from Athens; who is of Greek and Danish descent. He was the the youngest of this year’s participants, being just shy of 17 when he performed in Liverpool. In addition to his vocals, Victor is also an accomplished pianist, and guitarist; having started those instruments when he was four and eight respectively. In spite of his young age, Victor already has released eight singles commercially over the past four years. His Eurovision entry, ‘What They Say’ was written by entirely by himself.

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