TEP Talks To: Jan Bors

TEP Talks To: Jan Bors

This week, we were so incredibly happy to be joined by Jan Bors, the former Head of Delegation for the Czech Republic from 2016 to 2020. Together with Jazzi, Rosie and Rory, we look at Jan’s career at the competition and discuss the behind-the-scenes aspects of Eurovision that usually elude the audience. We also look at what Jan has done after leaving his post and ask him what the future holds!

What do you think about the interview? Should Jan return to Eurovision as a Head of Delegation? What can the Czech Republic do now to continue their streak of good results? Please do let us know your thoughts by getting in touch below!

A link to this episode on Apple Podcasts can be found here.

Below is Jan’s most recent video – the aforementioned interview with Iceland’s current Head of Delegation: Felix Bergsson. Subscribe to his channel for other amazing Eurovision content!

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