Poland to send Rafał Brzozowski to the Eurovision Song Contest 2021!

Poland to send Rafał Brzozowski to the Eurovision Song Contest 2021!

Poland has finally selected both its song for Eurovision 2021 and the artists who is going to sing it! The country will be represented by Rafał Brzozowski who will sing the song “The Ride”!

You can listen to the Polish entry for Eurovision this year below:

Poland’s selection process this year was shrouded in mystery. The Polish national broadcaster, TVP, never officially reconfirmed their 2020 entrant Alicja Szemplinska to be returning. This then opened the door for other artists to try their luck. Some artists rumoured to be in the selection were Rafal Brzozowski (best known for hosting Junior Eurovision in November) and Cleo (formerly representing Poland in 2014, alongside Donatan).

Poland had occasionally dropped hints about who the representative could be, but TVP has been keeping the information very close to their chest – only choosing to reveal the song this week. However, we now have the next song to compete in Eurovision 2021, so I guess we can’t complain!

Our thoughts

So, what do we make of the Polish song for Eurovision 2021?

Rory – It’s a shame that Alicja wasn’t able to represent Poland again this year. However, Rafal does deliver a strong entry for his country, which does help to soften the blow. The song is somewhat reminiscent of what Basshunter would release for a 2021 music market, but I think it almost works? Semi-final 2 is the weaker of the two semis, but if it’s put anywhere close to San Marino, that’s going to kill it off, so there needs to be some good staging here otherwise it will get swallowed up.

Jazzi – The song itself is pretty decent, however I don’t know if this is the right singer for this song. His voice I don’t know if it works with the track, however I don’t think it’s a dead certainty that this will be a non qualifier. i feel there will be some televoters that enjoy this and of course Polish diaspora will like it too, but the juries won’t. At the moment his chances are very borderline, it could all depend on staging and his live vocals here.

This is what we think of the entry, but what do you think? Are you happy with Poland’s selection? Do you think Poland will make it into the final? Is this song better or worse than “Empires”? As always, please do tell us what you think about this by getting in touch on our social media channels. You can also give your opinion below in the comments!

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