Latvia’s Samanta Tina releases “The Moon is Rising” for Eurovision 2021

Latvia’s Samanta Tina releases “The Moon is Rising” for Eurovision 2021

Samanta Tina has released her official Eurovision 2021 entry “The Moon is Rising”. Like alot of 2021 Eurovision artists Samanta was meant to represent her country Latvia last year, however due to the Covid-19 pandemic this did not happen. Samanta was then invited to represent Larvia in 2021. After a long wait Samanta has finally released her 2021 Eurovision entry “The Moon Is Rising”. You can take a listen to Latvia’s 2021 Eurovision entry below!

Samanta Tina’s Music video for “The Moon is Rising”

Samanta has a long history of attempting to represent her country, and not just Latvia, she has even made an appearance in the Lithuanian National selection. It is clear to see that Eurovision is a big dream for Samanta, but what do we make of her Eurovision song. You can read our opinions below!

Our takes on “The Moon is Rising”

Jazzi – This is epic! This has such a feeling of female empowerment it’s incredible. This is a contender for my top 5! Samanta has delivered such a banger and I truly believe this is Latvia’s best attempt in years.

Rosie – Samanta Tina brings the chaotic energy I expected from her, and I really enjoy this! I love the way it builds, I love the variety in the instrumentation, and I love the strength and power and attitude Samanta brings. It feels a bit more accessible than Still Breathing, but keeps the sheer chaoticness that I first hated, then fell in love with. I can see it being polarising, and I can’t be sure of it qualifying, especially from semi-final two which is full of strong female numbers, but I hope it does.

Rory – This song is just so within the canon of Samanta’s songs, it’s so distinctively her. I love this – it’s dark, it’s rough, it’s edgy and it just sticks a middle finger to the patriarchy in the best way. As well as the inclusion of women of all walks of life, Samanta just proves that she deserves to be on the big Eurovision stage with an inclusive song – take notes Belarus.

And that is what we make of “The Moon is Rising”. As ever be sure to let us know what you think on all our social media platforms.

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