Efendi releases “Mata Hari” for Eurovision 2021

Efendi releases “Mata Hari” for Eurovision 2021

Azerbaijan has unveiled their entry for Eurovision 2021 – Samira Efendi will sing “Mata Hari” at Eurovision 2021. Efendi was originally meant to sing “Cleopatra” at Eurovision 2020 before the Contest was cancelled. As Efendi releases “Mata Hari”, now have nearly all the songs for Eurovision 2021! You can take a listen to Efendi’s new song “”Mata Hari” below:

Our takes on “Mata Hari”

How do we think Efendi’s 2021 attempt for Azerbaijan compares to last years? You can see our opinions below:

Jazzi – I think this is going to be a lot of fun in Rotterdam! I don’t know how the public will respond to this entry it could either do really well or completely miss the mark with the juries and the viewers at home. Whatever the outcome I am sure that Efendi will deliver an interesting stage show with this song, which will leave viewers at home talking about her and her song.

Rory – It is absolutely fabulous to see Azerbaijan sending at the very least one line in Azerbaijani! The song is still definitely strong and easily has that distinctive Azerbaijani identity, and that’s definitely something to commend it for. However, I can’t help but think that the structure of the song reminds me exactly of how “Cleopatra” was structured. It’s almost as if they just reworked “Cleopatra” for the 2021 Contest – which would be a little lazy for my liking. There’s no doubt this will do well, I’m just a little disappointed there wasn’t any added originality.

Rosie – Mata Hari is certainly one of the more interesting female pop songs this year, and that alone sets Efendi in a good stead for qualifying in a strong semi-final. It’s also one of the most distinctively Azerbaijani songs they have ever sent, which is wonderful.

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Photo Credit: FARHAD ALI

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