TES In Depth: Poland’s Rafał with ‘The Ride’

TES In Depth: Poland’s Rafał with ‘The Ride’

Today we take a look at Poland’s Eurovision entry ‘The Ride. ‘The Ride’ will be sung by Rafał. If you want to hear our opinions on ‘The Ride’ then watch this video down below:

A look into Rafał’s career!

Rafał released his first album ‘Tak blisko’ in 2012, this was following competing in The Voice Poland 2011. Rafał is also a well known presented in Poland having hosted the 2020 Junior Eurovision Song Contest. it was the revealed in March 2021 that he would be the Polish representative this year.

Our Opinions on ‘The Ride’


Opinion: I quite like the song itself. I do think this song is sang by the wrong type of singer. This type of song sung by this type of singer just comes off a little cringey to me. I can see jurors placing this dead last in the semi final. Unless diasporia goes crazy for this one, which I don’t think it will, as when Poland send bad songs they do tend to NQ I don’t think we will be seeing Poland in the final of Eurovision this year.

Overall Ranking: 33rd

Prediction: 14th-17th in the semi final.


Opinion: I like the retro vibe of this song, but overall this is a bit of a mess. Rafal is a competent but uninteresting performer and it shows in his delivery of this song. I hope they do elevate the song a bit with the staging – and I do think it has the potential for big staging – but I doubt that we will be seeing Poland in the final this year.

Overall Ranking: 35th

Prediction: 11th-15th in the semi-final.


Opinion: I still feel very slightly judgemental of myself for how much I enjoy this, but I do have fun listening to the studio version of this. Unfortunately, having now seen Rafał perform this live a couple of times, I fear this may end up going the same way as Light Me Up, and struggle to produce the energy and presence needed to stand out and make it through to the final. I’d really like to see them prove me wrong on this – Rafał’s vocals are solid, the production perfectly fine – but that alone is not enough to see them through, particularly in a year as strong as this. However, they’ll definitely need to do something very special very well to get it over the qualifying line.

Overall Ranking: 25th

Prediction: 12th-16th in the semi-final.

Let us know your thoughts!

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