TES In Depth: Moldova’s Natalia Gordienko with ‘Sugar’

TES In Depth: Moldova’s Natalia Gordienko with ‘Sugar’

Next we look at Moldova’s Eurovision entry. Moldova will be represented by Natalia Gordienko, she will sing the song ‘Sugar’. To hear our takes on ‘Sugar’, watch the video below:

A look into Natalia’s career so far

Natalia has already represented Moldova at Eurovision once before. In 2006 Natalia represented her country alongside Arsenium with the song ‘Loca’. ‘Loca’ placed a disappointing 20th at Eurovision 2006. Natalia then went on to win the Moldovan national selection again in 2020 with the song ‘Prison’. Due to the cancellation of Eurovision 2020 Natalia like many artists this year was given a second chance to represent her country. This year Natalia will represent Moldova with her song ‘Sugar’.

Our opinions on ‘Sugar’


Opinion: I have no issues with Natalia herself, or the song, however there are other aspects of this song I cannot in my right mind support. That being said I don’t see this song having any issues making the final, Moldova often do unless there song is god awful which this is not.

Overall Ranking: 21st

Prediction: 5th-8th in the semi final, 13th-18th in the final.


Opinion: Overall, this is by far Natalia’s best entry at the Contest – though “Loca” and “Prison” weren’t exactly hard songs to beat in that category. The song is fun and is clearly a derivative version of MARUV’s ‘Siren Song’ from 2019. However, as much as I respect Natalia as an artist, I cannot support her management – specifically Filip Kirkorov, who is doing his yearly rounds to “mentor” a singer to stardom, only to drop them when another artist comes along. It will do well, but I hope they vote for her and not her team.

Overall Ranking: 20th

Prediction: 4th-8th in the semi-final. 11th-15th in the final.


Opinion: Much like Poland, this is another song that I find myself enjoying without really understanding why. The song itself is fun, with a brass section that you can’t help but dance to. However, much like Jazzi and Rory, I feel very uncomfortable with Kirkorov’s domination of Eurovision, particularly given his behaviour this season and also outside of it. I feel very conflicted on the song as a result, as while I feel able to ignore/leave a song if the artist themselves is someone I don’t feel comfortable supporting, the delegation and team behind is more complex. I hope Natalia does well, but only for her sake.

Overall Opinion: 21st

Prediction: 5th-12th in the semi-final, upper right-hand side in the final if it qualifies.

Let us know your opinion!

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Photo Credit: N. Gordienko

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