🇮🇸 TES Reviews: Interstellar travel with Dadi og Gagnamagnid

🇮🇸 TES Reviews: Interstellar travel with Dadi og Gagnamagnid

The eighth act rehearsing today is Iceland, who will be represented by Dadi Freyr and his band Gagnamagnid in this year’s competition with their entry ’10 Years’.

What did we think of the rehearsal?

Dadi og Gagnamagnid begin by standing in a line against a purple ombre backdrop. We can see the curved stems of the keytars lit up, but everything else is in shadow. As the lights come up, we see the whole band dressed in their trademark Gagnamagnid green pixel character jumpers, but with black patches on each shoulder displaying all of their characters together in space. The backdrop alternates between yellow and purple colour schemes and the Gagnamagnid pixel characters flying through space. Their trademark dance routine comes in during the chorus. “You’re so fascinating” appears on the background in text reminiscent of the early World Wide Web. And glittery unicorns. The three keytar players stand back to back and form a circle – very Romania 2014! They take it down a little for the choral segment, then it’s a full-on Gagnamagnid disco for the final chorus!

Now what did our team think of Iceland’s rehearsal?

Rosie: What a joy this is! It’s everything lovely we’ve come to know and adore about Dadi og Gagnamagnid, but still feels fresh and unique. The pixelated characters are used throughout the performance in unexpected ways and can’t help but make you smile. Dadi’s vocal was perfect, it sounded great, it looked great – I can’t fault this. It’s everything we could have asked for from the Icelandic team this year, and it’s a performance to be really proud of.

Rory: This was not the way I was expecting Dadi & co. to stage this song at all. The song itself is incredibly funky, but it’s also deliberately self-aware and that’s reflected in the staging; specifically in the backdrop during the line “You’re so fascinating”, when it’s quite possibly the most kawaii thing I’ve seen. The song itself sounds very nice and Dadi had a perfect vocal rehearsal today. I wonder however how much of the pink and yellow will stay? Might need a little bit of tweaking but I like what I see for now!

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News Source Credit: EBU/That Eurovision Site

Photo Credit: Birta Rán

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