🇱🇹 Pabandom Iš Naujo Semi-Final One Performances Filmed

🇱🇹 Pabandom Iš Naujo Semi-Final One Performances Filmed

The performances for the first semi-final of Pabandom Iš Naujo have now been recorded, and we now know a little more about the performances that we will see on Saturday night! All nine of the competing artists have shared their thoughts on their performances with LRT, and what changes they have made from their heat performances before their second time on the Pabandom Iš Naujo stage.

Here’s what we know about the show coming up this weekend:

Elonas Pokanevič – “Someday”

Elonas said that he knew exactly what he wanted to change after watching his performance back from the heats, though he hasn’t given away any more details! He said, “I think we did quite well, of course, it seems that it is even better if possible.”

Joseph June – “Deadly”

Joseph also mentioned feeling more confident following his first performance in the heats.

“Since I got to know the stage during the first show, I really felt a lot less stress … But I was still lost,” he told LRT.

Despite this, he has also reaffirmed his ambition to win the contest.

Gebrasy – “Into Your Arms”

2021 second-placer Gebrasy said that the new fans that he gained following his participation last year have spurred him on to succeed this year, and that he is pleased the reaction to his entry this year has been positive! He said that he felt his performance in the semi-final was better than the one he gave in his heat, which had him qualifying in 4th place.

“I think that this year’s selection is very interesting,” he said, discussing this year’s entries. The fact that the show is not dominated by one or two big names means that it’s important to him to bring his best performance in every show.

Emilijana – “Illuminate”

The silver dress from the heats is gone! Emilijana has switched up her outfit for a short, greenish-metallic dress with exaggerated shoulders. “Why not experiment and try something new?,” she said. She mentioned that she’d seen comments from fans which encouraged her and her team to try a different look.

Emilijana, who won the second heat, also said that she felt more confident in her second turn on the Pabandom Iš Naujo stage.

Queens of Roses – “Washing Machine”

Queens of Roses have also made changes to their staging. The dancers that joined them during the heats have not performed with them during the semi-final performance. “We’ve thought we may need to take more responsibility for the show,” they said.

Instead, the band will be dancing more themselves – “As the song itself changed a bit, the sound sounded better, and the show became a bigger party, we decided that we needed to move more.”

Gintarė Korsakaitė – “Fantasy Eyes“

Gintarė said that she chose to go for a more subtle approach to her performance in the semi-finals. She has said that she feels good about the performance she gave, and is interested to see what the final results will be.

Gintarė also revealed to LRT that she had watched her heat performance alone, but hopes that she will have company for the semi-finals!

Lolita Zero – “Not Your Mother”

Lolita Zero has also made some changes, despite not having a lot of time after only qualifying last weekend! Lolita said that, “we were able to meet the dancers again, we discussed the message of our work again and we were inspired by each other’s strength. So we feel better after this show than after the first one.”

Justė Kraujelytė – “How to Get My Life Back“

Justė is another performer who has changed their styling for the semi-finals, but said that she did not have time to rehearse before the show! All of their preparations have been done online.

“I am fighting and I feel good, despite the fact that the preparation can be called extreme,” she told LRT.

She has said that she really believes in her performance.

Erica Jennings – “Back To Myself”

Erica is yet another performer who has traded backing dancers for appearing on stage alone in this semi-final.

“I really enjoyed working with the Baltic Ballet Theater – they are all wonderful people, very talented. But maybe their dance style didn’t quite match the music, so after watching the first show, I realised that their dance and my song were more like two separate shows. We consulted with the team and decided that I would be alone on stage this time,” she said.

Despite this change, she was happy with her second performance.

Lithuania’s Journey at Eurovision

The Baltic nation made its debut at the Eurovision Song contest in 1994, where Ovidijus Vyšniauskas represented them with the song “Lopšinė mylimai”, which placed 25th. Since then, Lithuania has participated 21 times and made the Grand Final 14 times. LT United gave Lithuania their best ever Eurovision result back in 2006, where the country placed 6th.

Lithuania’s latest Eurovision participation, saw them being represented by The Roop, who was due to represent them at the 2020 Eurovision Song Contest. For 2021, the group participated with “Discoteque” where they managed to place 8th overall, with 220 points.

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News Source: LRT

Photo Source: LRT/E. Blaževič

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