🇫🇮 Vesala and Mmiisas to host UMK 2022

🇫🇮 Vesala and Mmiisas to host UMK 2022

It is only a matter of weeks before UMK 2022 takes place on February 26th. It has now been revealed that Vesala and Mmiisas will host Finland’s national final. Vesala is one of Finland’s most respected artists, while Mmiisas is a famous influencer in Finland.

To help fans get to know UMK 2022 hosts Vesala and Mmiisas better, YLE have released a video where they talk about their Eurovision memories and introduce themselves to the Eurovision audience. The video is in Finnish but has English translations.

UMK 2022 Afterparty cancelled

There is bad news as well as good news. Due to the current coronavirus situation in Finland, the UMK 2022 afterparty has been canceled. There is some good news in that an audience is currently still permitted to attend the actual show which airs between 9 pm and 11pm local time.

Check out the UMK 2022 entries

There are seven acts competing in UMK 2022. The winner will go on to represent Finland at the 2022 Eurovision Song Contest. Eurovision this year will take place in Turin Italy. To listen to the UMK 2022 entries check our playlist over on our Spotify page here:

Finland’s Eurovision Journey

Finland debuted in the 1961 Eurovision Song Contest, finishing 10th with Laila Kunnunen’s “Valoa ikkunassa.” Since then, they have competed 54 times, and appeared in the final 46 times. Finland has finished in the top 10 an impressive 13 times. They have won the contest once in 2006, with Lordi’s performance of “Hard Rock Hallelujah” getting 292 points. Finland’s most recent entry was “Dark Side” by Blind Channel. In the Final, they gained a total of 301 points, earning them 6th place.

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News Source: YLE

Photo Source: Nelli Kenttä /Yle

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