🇸🇪 Anna Bergendahl: “I want to instill a sense of hope and comfort. These are hard times, which makes the force of music even more important”

🇸🇪 Anna Bergendahl: “I want to instill a sense of hope and comfort. These are hard times, which makes the force of music even more important”

Ahead of her participation at the fourth heat of Melodifestivalen 2022, Tim had the chance to ask Sweden’s Eurovision 2010 representative and four-time Melodifestivalen participant Anna Bergendahl, who will compete this weekend with the song “Higher Power”

Hi Anna, I would just like to start things off by asking how you are doing?

I am doing very well, and I am thrilled to be back in Melfest! 

This is your fourth time participating in Melodifestivalen, I just wanted to ask you what made you return to the competition this year?

It’s a mix of three things. I love working in a big team and learning from others. You really do become like one big happy family! I also feel very blessed by the love I’ve gotten in Melfest throughout the years, and that feeling is kind of addictive. We also wrote a song that I, ultimately, just couldn’t resist.  

You had a hand in writing your Melodifestivalen track  “Higher Power”,  what was the creative process in the creation of the song?

Bobby Ljunggren and Thomas G:son had written a melody that they sent to me. I wrote the lyrics as soon as I got the track and completed it within half an hour. For me that’s a good sign that I’m on the right track. Then Erik Bernholm produced it and we all just fell in love with the result.  

What was it like working with Thomas G:son, Bobby Ljunggren, Erik Bernholm in writing “Higher Power”?

I’ve worked with Bobby since Melfest 2010, and he’s a dear friend and mentor to me. Behind Ashes to Ashes, Higher Power and Kingdom Come is the same team – myself, Bobby Ljunggren, Thomas G:son and Erik Bernholm. We created such a great collaboration we’re everyone fulfills an important role. And we have a lot of fun together! 

How does “Higher Power” compare to the songs you have competed in Melodifestivalen with?

To us, Ashes to Ashes, Kingdom Come and Higher Power is a trilogy. I hope you will see the coherence with Bobby’s and G:son’s melancholic, Swedish melodies, Erik’s dramatic production and my lyrics and vocals. Yet, Higher Power has a darkness, depth and mystique to it, that differs from previous entries.  

We’re not that for off, until we see your performance. Is there anything you are able to tell us about it?, including the creative process and the people you have worked with on the performance?

In analogy with the songwriting, I work with the same creative producers, Zain Odelstål and Dennis Bröchner, behind the number now, as I did with “Ashes to Ashes” and “Kingdom Come”. They are a huge inspiration to me, and they have something extra special in store this year. I feel like we go out with a bang. I’ll give you a hint: desert, horses, cowgirl.  

For those who are watching Mello this weekend, what message would you want them to take as they watch you perform “Higher Power”

I want to instill a sense of hope and comfort. These are hard times, which makes the force of music even more important.  

Every year, Mello manages to attract new fans, if they watch your performance this weekend, and want to listen to more of your music catalogue, where would you suggest they begin?

I’d suggest they’d begin with my EP “Vera”, my Melfest-songs and also my Christmas songs when the seasons comes again 

Speaking about music, do you have any plans to release new music after your participation in this year’s Melodifestivalen?

Of course, there’s plenty more music in the pipeline, and hopefully a long spring and summer tour coming up! 

End – Is there anything you would like to say to our readers over at That Eurovision Site?

I love the ESC-fans. They make me feel like a queen. When my self-confidence is low, like at this very moment, Thursday before the semifinal, I would love to have a group of ESC-fans outside my door every morning XD That would do the trick! I wish you all the best <3 

We would like to thank Anna Bergendahl for taking the time to answer our questions, and we wish her the best of luck in the fourth heat of Melodifestivalen 2022.

About Anna Bergendahl

Anna Bergendahl is known to fans for taking part at representing Sweden at the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest with “This Is My Life”. Anna has released two albums, four EP’s from 2010, and has also participated in Melodifestivalen two more times with “Ashes to Ashes” in 2019 and with “Kingdom Come” in 2020, where she placed third.

Sweden’s Eurovision Journey

In 1958, Sweden made their debut in the Eurovision Song Contest, with Alice Babs representing them with the song “Lilla stjärna” which placed fourth. Since their debut, the Scandinavian nation has managed to win six times (1974, 1984, 1991, 1999, 2012, and 2015).

In 2021, Sweden was represented by Tusse, who won the 60th edition of Melodifestivalen and competed with the song “Voices”, which managed to qualify for the Grand Final and placed 14th with 109 points from the jury and televoters.

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Photo Source: SVT / Annika Berglund

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