🇸🇪 City of Stockholm Offers to Host Eurovision 2023 if Ukraine is Unable To

🇸🇪 City of Stockholm Offers to Host Eurovision 2023 if Ukraine is Unable To

Ukraine has been a consistent presence in the predictions of many Eurofans as to who will win Eurovision 2022. However, due to the ongoing Russo-Ukrainian War, there have been questions as to whether Ukraine would be able to host next year’s contest if Kalush Orchestra were to take the crown.

Today, Stockholm’s finance minister Anna König Jerlmyr confirmed that she has contacted the Ukrainian embassy to offer to host Eurovision 2023 if Ukraine is unable to.

Ukraine’s Close Ties to Stockholm a Factor in Offer

Swedish publication Aftonbladet reported that Stockholm had been put forward as a candidate to host the contest next year in the case of a Ukraine win partly due to the city’s close ties with the nation. The city, which most recently hosted Eurovision in 2016, is twinned with the Ukrainian capital Kyiv. The Avicii Arena is also a possible venue to host the event.

Ukraine found success on the Eurovision stage in Sweden in 2016 when Jamala won the contest with “1944”. Her winning song has since become an anthem for the Ukrainian people in the midst of the current crisis.

König Jerlmyr noted that this offer is one way that Sweden can show support for Ukraine. She stated that “given the war and the strained situation, it is important that other countries now step forward and offer to help”.

How much the Ukrainian broadcaster would contribute to such a production of the show remains unclear.

The Timing of This Announcment

König Jerlmyr clarified the reason for the timing of this announcement of Stockholm’s offer. She stated that she does not want people to feel discouraged from voting for Ukraine if they have doubts about their ability to host.

I have turned to the Ukrainian ambassador and announced this. He has close contact with the mayor of Kiev as well.

Anna König Jerlmyr

König Jerlmyr also noted that the Ukrainian broadcaster could trust Stockholm to produce a reliable show due to their recent hosting experience.

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News Source: Aftonbladet

Photo Source: EBU / Thomas Hanses

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