🇨🇿 Information update regarding ESCZ 2023 revealed

🇨🇿 Information update regarding ESCZ 2023 revealed

The Czech Republic is continuing to accept submissions for their national selection, ESCZ 2023. However, some exclusive information has been revealed about the process of the selection.

Format changes expected for ESCZ 2023

On an Instagram live session on the ESCZ Instagram account, the Czech Assistant Head of Press Ahmad Halloun called on Czech artists to submit a song. The submissions window for ESCZ 2023 closes on Thursday (December 8th), and Halloun also advocated Eurovision fans to lobby their favourite Czech musicians to submit an entry.

On the same session, Halloun revealed some extra information regarding the national selection. Halloun said that a change in format was expected for the next edition of the selection. As well as this, only three artists will take part in the selection, instead of seven for the 2021 edition. The national selection will take place in the New Year, with the winning song definitely being known by February.

As well as this, Halloun announced that returning artists had submitted a song to the selection. However, he did not reveal which artists had sent a song to the broadcaster. In addition, international songwriters have also sent songs into the selection, whilst fronted by Czech singers.

Czech Republic’s Eurovision journey

Czechia made their debut in the Eurovision Song Contest in 2007, with Kabát’s “Malá dama”. However, their debut entry finished last in a 28-song semi-final, scoring only 1 point. Afterwards, this kicked off three consecutive non-qualifications, with their best result coming in 2008, finishing in second-last place. Having withdrawn in 2009 due to poor results, Czechia returned to the Contest in 2015. In 2016, Czechia qualified for the first time with Gabriela Gunciková’s “I Stand”.

In 2022, We Are Domi represented Czechia with their song “Lights Off”. Performing in the second semi-final in Turin, the band qualified for the final – and finished in 22nd place in a field of 25 with 38 points.

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News Source: ESCZ

Photo Credit: EBU / Sarah Louise Bennett

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