🇮🇪 K Muni and ND: “It’s important that we show the direction Ireland is going”

🇮🇪 K Muni and ND: “It’s important that we show the direction Ireland is going”

Ireland is continuing its preparations for Eurosong 2023. As the artists gear up for the final on February 3rd, Rory speaks to K Muni and ND. They are hoping to represent Ireland in Liverpool with their song “Down in the Rain”.

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Together, Rory, K Muni and ND talk about how the duo randomly came to be in Eurosong 2023. They also tell us about their struggle to be recognised as artists and their favourite Eurovision memories. As well as this, they reveal some secrets about their Eurosong performance. They also give recommendations for their other music if you enjoy “Down in the Rain”.

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About K Muni and ND

K Muni and ND are the stage names of Kofi Appiah and Nevlonne Dampare, both based in the small central town of Longford. Both artists are signed to Academy Records in Longford, and are up and coming in the newly-emerging Irish rap scene. Their story of breaking into the industry is chronicled in the documentary “Welcome to Longford”. The duo’s potential Eurovision entry “Down in the Rain” tells about the frustration of not getting the recognition it deserves. Speaking about the song, the duo said:

It would mean the world to us to represent Ireland. We remember watching Eurovision as kids with our families, so to think we could have the people of Ireland, our people, tuned in to cheer us and our country on is incredible.

Kofi Appiah and Nevlonne Dampare, Eurosong 2023 participants

Ireland’s Eurovision journey

In 1965, Ireland made their debut in the Eurovision Song Contest with Butch Moore and the song “Walking the Streets in the Rain”, which managed to place 6th. Since their debut, Ireland has participated 55 times (making the Grand Final 45 times), and has won the competition seven times, which is currently the record for most wins.

Ireland’s latest Eurovision participation saw them being represented by Brooke Scullion, with her song “That’s Rich”. She placed 15th in the semi-final, receiving 47 points from the jury and televote.

What do you think about our interview with K Muni and ND? Do you think “Down in the Rain” would be a good entry for Ireland in 2023? Where does the song fall in your rankings? As always, let us know what you think by commenting below. Also, be sure to follow “That Eurovision Site” on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Tiktok as we look ahead to Eurosong 2023!

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