🇲🇩 Running order for Etapa Națională 2023 final confirmed

🇲🇩 Running order for Etapa Națională 2023 final confirmed

With preparations in full swing, the ten finalists of Etapa Națională 2023 – Moldova’s selection for Eurovision 2023 – have had their starting positions revealed. This was following a draw conducted at Moldovan public broadcaster, TRM.

This is the running order for Etapa Națională 2023

The draw for the final of Etapa Națională 2023 is:

1.Donia“Red Zone”Donia Ianculescu, Robert Andrei Niculae
2.OL“Why You Play It Cool”Olga Lisicova
3.Victor Gulick“Let’s Dance” Victor Gulick, Serghei Lututovici
4.Surorile Osoianu“Bade, bădişor, bădiţă”Elena Ioniță, Jonathan Alexandru
5.COSMINA“Indestructible”Cosmina Cotoros, Shawn Myers, Jonas Gladnikoff
6.NORDIKA“Damn and Down”Ruslan Țăranu
7.Aliona Moon“Du-mă”Ștefan Burlacu, Vlad Subujac, Aliona Munteanu
8.Sunstroke Project“Yummy Mummy”Mihai Teodor, Sergei Ialovițski
9.Pasha Parfeni“Soarele şi luna”Pavel Parfeni, Andrei Vulpe, Iuliana Perfeni
10.Corina Ivanov“When Love’s Real”Mike Connaris, Mia Nicolai

Following the audition stage, the ten qualified artists have been hard at work preparing their stage shows. The draw, held at TRM studios, now reveals the running order for the final. The show will be held on the 4th of March, where a 50/50 split between the juries and the televote will decide the winner.

Moldova’s Eurovision journey

Moldova is relatively new to the Eurovision Song Contest, joining in 2005. Their debut entry, Zdob si Zdub, finished in 6th place, which had remained their highest scoring entry up until 2017. This was thanks to the Sunstroke Project performing ‘Hey Mamma’, finishing in 3rd place. At the close of voting, Moldova received 374 points.

In 2022, Zdob si Zdub came back to the Eurovision stage with the Advahov Brothers and represented Moldova at the Contest in Turin. Performing their song “Trenuletul”, Moldova qualified for the final and finished in 7th place. Following the jury and televote points, Moldova had received 253 points.

What do you think of the running order for Etapa Națională? Do you think that one of the favourites will come out on top? Who is your favourite of the selection? As always, let us know what you think by commenting below. Also, be sure to follow “That Eurovision Site” on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Tiktok as we look ahead to Eurovision 2023!

News Source: TRM

Photo Credit: TRM

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