🇵🇹 Esse Povo: “We want to show what Portuguese culture is!”

🇵🇹 Esse Povo: “We want to show what Portuguese culture is!”

Portugal is gearing up their preparations for Festival da Canção 2023. As artists look ahead to the national final, which begins on February 25th, Rory speaks to Esse Povo. They are vying to represent Portugal with their song “Sapatos de Cimento”.

Check out our interview with Esse Povo here!

Together, Esse Povo and Rory talk about how the group of four came together for Festival da Canção through dodgy Instagram messages. They also discuss the desire to represent Portuguese culture through music and the composition process for “Sapatos de Cimento”. They also give intriguing hints for their stage show this coming Saturday.

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About Esse Povo

Esse Povo is a collaborative effort from four Lusophone artists – Joaquim Albergaria, Rafa Magalhães, Ola Ruth and Catarina Archer. The quartet never worked together before Festival da Canção; however, each artist is well-established in the Lusophone music industry. Joaquim is part of the band Bateu Motou, whilst Catarina collaborating with fellow Lusophone band SILK in an upcoming album. The band’s song for Festival da Canção – “Sapatos de Cimento” – was written by Joaquim himself.

Portugal’s Eurovision Journey

Portugal debuted in the Eurovision Song Contest with António Calvário’s “Oração” in 1964. Since then, Portugal has participated in the competition 53 times – appearing the final 44 times. Their only win in the competition came in 2017 with Salvador Sobral, performing his heart-wrenching song “Amar Pelos Dois”.

Portugal’s most recent participation was with MARO with the song “saudade, saudade”. MARO managed to qualify for the Grand Final and once there, she finished 9th, after receiving 207 points from the jury and the televote.

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