🇸🇮 Joker Out: “When the magic happens, a song comes to life”

🇸🇮 Joker Out: “When the magic happens, a song comes to life”

At this year’s Eurovision in Concert in Amsterdam, Angus was joined by Joker Out for an interview. They will be representing Slovenia at Eurovision 2023 with “Carpe Diem”.

Check out our interview with Joker Out here!

They discuss their songwriting, process, the great time they’re having at the pre-parties, and their plans for global domination. Joker Out also share why the song is called “Carpe Diem,” why they recorded an English version, and the importance of representing the Slovenian language in Eurovision.

About Joker Out

Joker Out formed in 2016, they are described as a rock-indie group. Bojan Cvjetićanin, Jure Maček, Kris Guštin, Jan Peteh And Nace Jordan form the 5-piece band. Since debuting on the music scene in Slovenia they have released two albums. “Umazane misli” in 2021 and “Demoni” in 2022.

Slovenia’s Eurovision Journey

In 1993, Slovenia made its debut in the Eurovision Song Contest with 1X Band and the song “Tih deževen dan”, which placed 22nd. Since their debut, they have participated 26 times (15 of which, where they qualified for the Grand Final.)

Slovenia’s recent Eurovision participation, saw them being represented by LPS, who represented them with the song “Disko”, which placed 18th in the first semi-final receiving 15 points from the jury and televoters, finishing last in the semi-final.

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Photo Credit: Urša Premik

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