🇺🇦 TES Previews: Who are TVORCHI?

🇺🇦 TES Previews: Who are TVORCHI?

Eurovision in Liverpool is now less than a month away. In the run-up to rehearsals we will be getting to know a little more about this year’s artists, their discography and their Eurovision journey so far. The next act we will be previewing is Ukraine’s TVORCHI.

TVORCHI’s Eurovision Journey so far….

TVORCHI were selected to represent Ukraine at Eurovision 2023 through national final Vidbir. They placed 2nd in the jury vote and 1st in the public vote, winning in a field of ten entries.

TVORCHI will perform in the Grand Final at Eurovision 2023, bypassing the semi-finals as Ukraine won the contest last year. They have already drawn their position in the running order and will perform in the 19th position in the show.

TVORCHI performed live at the Barcelona Eurovision Party and Eurovision in Concert.

Tim had the opportunity to chat with TVORCHI behind the scenes at Barcelona Eurovision Party!

What do we think of “Heart of Steel”

The team at That Eurovision Site has been doing their reviews for this year’s contest. Jazzi and Isabelle gave their thoughts on “Blood and Glitter”, which you can see here.

Who are TVORCHI?

TVORCHI formed in 2017, when producer Andrii Hutsuliak and singer Jimoh Augustus Kehinde (alias Jeffrey Kenny) met as pharmacy students at Ternopil National Medical University. Hutsuliak is a self-taught producer, who moved into music through a love of video games, he shared in an interview with Eurovision World. Later that year, they released their first single, “Slow”, and their second, “You”.

TVORCHI have released four albums so far – The Parts (2018), Disco Lights (2019), 13 Waves (2020) and Road (2021). 13 Waves was recorded remotely during the Covid-19 pandemic, and was awarded the YUNA Music Award for Best New Album.

In an interview with 20 Minut, the pair described their sound as:

“Наш стиль музики не має точного визначення, оскільки він поєднує багато різних стилів. Ми хочемо, щоб люди танцювали, розслаблялись, а також відволікались від буденних речей і відчули спектр емоцій, які ми помістили в кожну з композицій.”

“Our style of music does not have a precise definition, as it combines many different styles. We want people to dance, relax, and also get distracted from everyday things and feel the spectrum of emotions that we put in each of the compositions.”


“Heart of Steel” marks TVORCHI’s second entry into national selection Vidbir. The two first participated in the contest in 2020 with the song “Bonfire”, placing fourth in the final.

In an interview with Why Now, Hutsuliak shared how the song was inspired by the defenders of the Azovstal steel plant in Mariupol.

“We came across a video of the defenders of Azovstal…When I looked into their eyes, I saw fire, strength and steadfastness. I couldn’t imagine how hard it was, but what I saw gave me goosebumps. And we transferred those emotions to this song.”

Andrii Hutsuliak

“Heart of Steel” is written entirely by the duo.

Ukraine’s Eurovision Journey

Ukraine is one of the most successful countries to participate in the Eurovision Song Contest. The country has scored eight top five placements, with an extra three top ten finishes. Ukraine won the contest in 2004 with Ruslana’s ‘Wild Dances’ and again in 2016 with Jamala’s ‘1944.’ Jamala’s win made history for Ukraine, as it became the first ex-Soviet country to win the contest more than once.

In 2022, Kalush Orchestra represented Ukraine in the 66th edition of the contest with their song ‘Stefania.’ The band finished in first place with 614 points, marking Ukraine’s third Eurovision victory.

What do you think of Heart of Steel? Can TVORCHI get Ukraine a fourth win? Let us know your thoughts! Also, be sure to follow “That Eurovision Site” on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok as we prepare for Eurovision 2023!

News Source: That Eurovision Site/TVORCHI

Photo Credit: UA:PBC/Michael Fedorak

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