🇩🇪 TES Preview: Masters of the big stage for Lord of the Lost’s first rehearsal

🇩🇪 TES Preview: Masters of the big stage for Lord of the Lost’s first rehearsal

Today the rehearsals for Eurovision 2023 continue in Liverpool. Countries rehearsing on Day 5 include Germany, France, Italy, Ukraine, Spain and the UK, who are having their first rehearsal on the Liverpool stage. Up first is Lord of the Lost, representing Germany.

Lord of the Lost’s first rehearsal

The first act to take to the Eurovision 2023 stage at M&S Bank Arena today in Liverpool was Germany’s Lord of the Lost. Lord of the Lost will be competing in this year’s competition with their entry “Blood and Glitter” following on from their win at Unser Lied für Liverpool.

Following Lord of the Lost’s first rehearsal, a clip of what went on was posted on the official Eurovision Song Contest TikTok account. The clip showed Lord of the Lost before and after they took to the Eurovision stage for the first time, as well as giving us some insight into how their first rehearsal went.


Look at them…they are so happy they could die 🇩🇪 #Eurovision2023 #Eurovision @Lord Of The Lost (Official)

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What did we learn about Germany’s staging?

Lord of the Lost at the M&S Bank Arena in Liverpool during her first rehearsal
Photo Credit: Sarah Louise Bennett / EBU

As reported by the Eurovision 2023 liveblog, is a three minute long show of flashing lights and red and black LEDs. The band are wearing the outfits we saw at the German national final as they perform on and in front of a metal construction arranged in a triangular formation. The performance also involves, of course, a whole lot of pyro! Red flames during the choruses, fireworks at the climax, floor smoke throughout. You name it, Lord of the Lost got it.

What we thought of Lord of the Lost’s first rehearsal

After Lord of the Lost’s first rehearsal, we gave our initial thoughts on the snippet that we saw.


#stitch with @Eurovision Lord of the Lost have found their way to the Eurovision stage with “Blood and Glitter”. Here’s what @tiktokwithrosie thought of their first rehearsal! #eurovision2023 #esc2023 #eurovisiontiktok #germany

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Who are Lord of the Lost?

Lord of the Lost was founded in 2007 by Chris Harms, initially intended to be a solo project. However, as the project grew through MySpace, Harms realised that he would need a full band to play the music live, and recruited his friends from the Hamburg music scene to join him. The project was initially just titled “Lord”, but became “Lord of the Lost” to prevent confusion with other acts Lordi and The Lords.

Lord of the Lost have released 8 studio albums, with their two most recent, Judas and Blood and Glitter, achieving 2nd and 1st place on the German album charts respectively. They have also released five orchestral albums, four live albums and six EPs. The band are incredibly popular in the goth and metal scenes, regularly making appearances at major festivals including Wave-Gotik-Treffen, the Wacken Open Air and M’era Luna. They have also toured Europe and the US.

The current line up in Lord of the Lost consists of Chris Harms (lead singer, guitar and cello); Klaas Helmecke (bass), Gerrit Heinemann (piano, synth, percussion, guitar, theramin); Pi Stoffers (guitar); and Niklas Kahl (drums). The describe themselves as “genre fluid”, but have been associated with labels such as industrial, gothic metal, glam rock and dark rock, with some influences from classical music.

Following their appearance on the Eurovision stage, the band will set off across Europe to support Iron Maiden for the second time on their The Future Past tour.

“Blood and Glitter”, Lord of the Lost’s Eurovision entry, was written by band members Chris Harms and Pi Stoffers, alongside Anthony J. Brown and Rupert Keplinger.

The band shared this interpretation of their entry to their Facebook page:

The song “Blood & Glitter” by Lord of the Lost is an anthem about embracing oneself and living life to the fullest despite its ups and downs. The title itself, “Blood & Glitter,” represents the two opposing forces of life – the harsh reality (blood) and the glitz and glamour (glitter). The lyrics advocate for embracing both and seeing the beauty and value in them…Overall, the song seems to be about embracing the complexities of life and nurturing a positive outlook in the face of both the good and the bad. It encourages self-love and encourages us to see ourselves as both diamonds and rough stones.

Lord of the Lost

Germany’s Eurovision Journey

Germany has been part of Eurovision since the beginning, debuting in 1956. Their debut entries were Walter Andreas Schwarz’s “Im Wartesaal zum großen Glück” and Freddy Quinn’s “So geht das jede Nacht”. Germany has appeared at every Eurovision since except for 1996, which means they have been at more contests than any other country. They have a long history of success in Eurovision, finishing in the top 3 an impressive 13 times. Germany has won the contest twice. Nicole won in 1982 with her song “Ein bißchen Frieden”, taking home 161 points in the process. Their second win came in 2010, when Lena scored 246 points with her song “Satellite”.

Germany’s most recent Eurovision entry was Malik Harris’ “Rockstars”. As Germany is part of the Big 5, they automatically qualified for the Grand Final. In the Final, the song received 6 points and finished 25th in the Final.

What do you think of Blood and Glitter? Can Lord of the Lost bring Eurovision back to Germany? Let us know your thoughts! Also, be sure to follow “That Eurovision Site” on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok as we prepare for Eurovision 2023!

News Source: That Eurovision Site

Photo Credit: Sarah Louise Bennett / EBU

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