🇸🇰 Slovakia will not participate at Eurovision 2024

🇸🇰 Slovakia will not participate at Eurovision 2024

Nearly a month on since Eurovision 2023, more countries cotninue to reveal their plans for 2024. However, some coutries have revealed that they will not be participating, with Slovakia being the latest country to reveal they will not be participating.

Economic reasons could explain Slovakis’s non-participation

RTVS has openly mentioned that the main reason of their continued non-participation is financial, and that the broadcaster does not have the resource for it.

“Eurovision is a singing competition of public broadcasters. In the past, RTVS was the official broadcaster of the event and at the same time the organizer of the national competition round. RTVS carefully approaches the creation of the broadcasting structure of its television and radio circuits and in the past period decided not to include this international competition in its broadcasting based on the evaluation of several input factors, primarily the funds spent and viewership,” wrote Filip Púchovský from the media’s PR department.

“The participation of Slovak artists is also associated with high financial costs, for which RTVS does not have the resources,

Slovakia’s non-participation in 2024 would mark this the twelfth occassion since their last participation. The country last participated in 2012 where the competition was being held in Baku.

Slovakia’s Eurovision Journey

Slovakia last participated in the Eurovision Song Contest in 2012. Their best result came in 1996 with Marcel Palonder’s “Kym nas mas”.

After taking an extended break from the contest in the 2000s, Slovakia returned in 2009 to less success, failing to qualify for the final for four consecutive years before withdrawing again. Their final entry in 2012 was Max Jason Mai’s “Don’t Close Your Eyes”, which finished last in its semi-final. One of their best-remembered entries from this era is Kristina Pelakova’s “Horehronie”, which finished 16th in its semi-final in 2010 and is a regular fixture on the year-end ESC 250 chart.

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News Source: Eurofestivales/aktuality.sk

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