🇸🇪 Måns Zalmerlöw releases “Running Low” with The Agreement

🇸🇪 Måns Zalmerlöw releases “Running Low” with The Agreement

The new music releases from Eurovision artists continue on, as the summer months go by. Another Eurovision artists that has a release is Eurovision 2015 winner Måns Zalmerlöw who has released his new single “Running Low” with his band The Agreement.

What Måns’ entry would have been at Melodifestivalen 2015

During his concert in London earlier this year, the Eurovision winner revealed that “Running Low” was meant to be the song that he was meant to submit for Melodifestivalen 2015. However, he ended up participating with “Heroes” and now the rest is history.


🇸🇪 The what couldve been… @eurovision 2015 winner @MansZelmerlow has released his new single “Running Low”, which is the song he wanted to submit for Melodifestivalen 2015. Here he is perfroming the song earlier in the year in London during his tour. #eurovisiontiktok #eurovision #manszelmerlow

♬ Running Low – Måns Zelmerlöw & The Agreement

Måns co-wrote the song alongside Gavin Jones, Johan Åsgärde, Mattias Frändå, and Oliver Lundström, with Peter Kvint producing the song.

Listen to “Running Low” on streaming platforms

You are able to listen to Måns’ latest release on the following streaming platforms


Apple Music

Måns Zalmerlöw’s Eurovision Journey

Prior to winning Eurovision 2015, Måns participated twice in Melodifestivalen in 2007 (“Cara Mia”), and 2009 (“Hope and Glory”) and hosted the competition in 2010 alongside Dolph Lundgren & Christine Meltzer

In 2015, Måns entered Melodifestivalen 2015 with his song “Heroes”, which won the competition and earned the right to represent Sweden at Eurovision 2015. During his participation he ended up bringing Sweden to the final and winning with 365 points from the Jury and Televoters combined.

What do you think of Måns’ latest release? How do you think “Running Low” would’ve fared at Melodifestivalen 2015, even Eurovision? As always, let us know what you think by commenting below. Also, be sure to follow “That Eurovision Site” on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Tiktok as we start gearing up for next year’s Contest!

News Source: Warner Music Sweden/PR & Beyond

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