🇸🇲 Piqued Jacks Release Their New Single, “Color Shades”

🇸🇲 Piqued Jacks Release Their New Single, “Color Shades”

Last week, Piqued Jacks, San Marino’s representatives in Liverpool, released their first post-Eurovision single, “Color Shades”. 

About “Color Shades”:

“Color Shades” is an indie rock number with an upbeat feel, despite its somewhat melancholic subject matter. It talks about the wide range of human emotions, as symbolised in the music video by the bright-coloured paint against the group’s dark clothing. On the band’s Instagram page, they described the song as a sort of “confession” of how the group has been dealing with the past few months post-Eurovision:

“One day you might wake up ready to take off and conquer the world, and the next you may feel like born losers. It feels like kind of a confession of how we’ve been dealing with our experiences of the last few months. Today’s just a relief, because you’re finally here with us.”

Piqued Jacks, Instagram, @piquedjacks_, 15/09/23

Listen to “Color Shades” on Streaming Platforms:


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The group also performed “Color Shades” live for the first time as an opener for Sudden Lights’ concert at Mežaparka Zaļajā Teātrī in Rīga this past weekend, which I recorded below:

Piqued Jacks’ Eurovision Journey:

Italian band Piqued Jacks represented San Marino in 2023 in Liverpool with the song “Like An Animal”. The band performed in the second semi-final, but unfortunately didn’t qualify for the Grand Final. Overall, San Marino placed joint-last, receiving 0 points from the televote.

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News Source: Piqued Jacks

Photo Credit: Aurora Cesari

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