Andorra: The Fight to Return (ft. Susanne Georgi)

Andorra: The Fight to Return (ft. Susanne Georgi)

This week, we are absolutely ecstatic to be joined by the one and only Susanne Georgi, who was fortunate enough to represent Andorra – the only nation in Eurovision never to appear in the grand final. Together with Jazzi, Rory, Rosie and Tim, she tells us about her campaign (#MyFight and #WeCanDoThisAndorra) to return Andorra to the Contest, after 11 years away from Europe’s favourite TV show. We also discuss our favourite Andorran entries from their short span in the Contest and Susanne’s experience of being a spokesperson for Denmark in 2007!

What do you think of Susanne’s campaign? Should Andorra return to the Contest? If so, who should represent them? A link to the current petition mentioned in the podcast is available to sign here. Please do let us know your thoughts, and be sure to stay tuned as we continue to delve into the Eurovision realm!

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