🇦🇩 Susanne Georgi: “Andorra will be back – it’s just a question of time”

🇦🇩 Susanne Georgi: “Andorra will be back – it’s just a question of time”

With the Barcelona Eurovision Party taking place this weekend, Tim gets the chance to chat with Iceland’s Eurovision 2009 representative Susanne Georgi. She competed in Eurovision 2023 with her song “La Teva Decisió”.

Check out our interview with Susanne Georgi here!

Together Tim and Susanne talk about how she feels about being in Barcelona. They also speak about Susanne’s campaign to get Andorra back in the Contest, and what life lessons she has taken from her Eurovision experience.

We already had the chance to speak to Susanne in 2020 when she launched her campaign to bring Andorra back to Eurovision. Check out our podcast interview with her here.

Andorra’s Eurovision journey

The micronation of Andorra made their debut in 2004 with the song “Jugarem a estimar-nos” by Marta Roure. They have participated on six occasions, until 2009. They have not been present in the competition since. Andorra’s best result was in 2007 when the nation sent Anonymous to the competition with the song “Salvem el món”. Their last Eurovision entry was “La teva decisió (Get a Life)” by Susanne Georgi in 2009.

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