Blind Channel have won UMK 2021 and will represent Finland at the Eurovision Song Contest!

Blind Channel have won UMK 2021 and will represent Finland at the Eurovision Song Contest!

Seven acts competed for the right to represent Finland in UMK tonight, however it was Blind Channel that reigned supreme and won the right to represent the country at the 2021 Eurovision Song Contest. They came 1st with the international jury and 1st with the Finnish public. It was a landslide they received 551 points while Teflon Brothers and Pandora in 2nd received 180 points.

You can listen to the winning entry here:

Among the other 7 acts, Teflon Brothers and Pandora finished in 2nd place while Ilta went on to come 3rd. You can see below all of tonight’s competing entries

  1. I Love You – Teflon Brothers X Pandora
  2. Aksel – Hurt
  3. Laura – Play
  4. Danny – Sinä päivänä kun kaikki rakastaa mua.
  5. Oskr – Lie.
  6. Blind Channel – Dark Side.
  7. Ilta- Kelle mä soitan

The show was hosted by Antti Tuisku, who also performed as the show’s opening act, while Halo Helsinki! were the interval act. Something else that needs to be noted is the show had commentary in 4 languages Swedish English Russian and of course Finnish.

And what does the team think of the winning song:

Rosie – Finland sure do love their rock, and Blind Channel are a great addition to the Eurovision line up this year! I’m not sure if it’ll have the same success as Hard Rock Hallelujah, but it’s a fun song that will absolutely stand out in Rotterdam, and could be a great choice for them.

Rory – Well I’m pretty used to having Finland send heavy metal, and this year is no exception, although this heavy metal is far stronger than the efforts in the 00s. I don’t know how much I’ll love it, but it definitely leaves an impression!

Jazzi – Finland have absolutely made the right choice here I think this could definitely bring them their best result since 2014 and maybe even better than the 11th place they achieved back then. This is heavy but still very contemporary and this will definitely stand out in Rotterdam.

Tim – Well when the song was released, it was obvious that Blind Channel was among the favourites. I mean Finland does rock very well, so I was not surprised that it won tonight’s show. it will definitely shake the stage in May.

And that’s what we think let us know what you think of Blind Channel’s song and their chances of doing well for Finland in Rotterdam!

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