TIX to represent Norway at the 2021 Eurovision Song Contest

TIX to represent Norway at the 2021 Eurovision Song Contest

After six weeks, TIX has emerged victorious as the winner of Norway’s Melodi Grand Prix and will represent them in Rotterdam in May with the song “Fallen Angel”.

Watch the performance here:

26 acts have competed as part of MGP over the past month and a half, with the following songs making tonight’s final:

  • Alte Pettersen – World On Fire
  • Raylee – Hero
  • Stavangerkameratene – Who I Am
  • KiiM – My Lonely Voice
  • Blåsemafian ft. Hazel – Let Loose
  • Emmy – Witch Woods
  • TIX – Fallen Angel
  • Kaja Rode – Feel Again
  • Rein Alexander – Eyes Wide Open
  • IMERIKA – I Can’t Escape
  • KEiiNO – Monument
  • Jorn – Faith Bloody Faith

Following the first performances, Blåsemafian ft. Hazel, Jorn, TIX and KEiiNO made it through to the second round of voting, with KEiiNO losing out during the final gold duel. All results were decided through public voting only.

What do we think of the winning song?

Jazzi – I like Fallen Angel more than most I think the song is gorgeous however I do feel the song had more impact in Norweigan so maybe change it back please? No? Okay I still love you

Rory – Tix’s vocal delivery is fantastic and you can understand why he’s so popular in Norway, but I will need time with the English version of Ut Av Morket. There’s potential but whether it’s executed properly, we’ll see!

Rosie – TIX gave a fantastic performance, with high-concept staging, but ultimately I find the song very average and it does not really stand out to me or excite me in any way. TIX is a charismatic performer with a good voice, but I’m not sure if that will be enough for him to succeed in Rotterdam. It’s a very radio-friendly and commercial track though, and perhaps its performance in the Norwegian charts is just a sign of things to come!

Tim – I will say that I prefer Ut av Morket. I mean TIX puts on a great memorable staging. So all I have to say, please TIX listen to the fans, and send the Norwegian version.

What do you think of Norway’s choice? How do you think TIX will fare in Rotterdam? Let us know!

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