Israel: Eden Alene to sing ‘Set Me Free’ at Eurovision 2021

It’s official; we have our second song of Eurovision 2021! After a national selection that has had to adapt rather heavily to coronavirus restrictions, Israel has selected ‘Set Me Free’ to represent them at the Eurovision Song Contest 2021.

You can listen to the selected song here:

The show was a reasonably scaled-back affair following the lockdown in Israel and having to work around restrictions in the country. However, despite the smaller scale of a show, KAN was able to produce a fantastic show, even managing to get guests such as Executive Producer of the Eurovision Sietse Bakker and ESC 2019 winner Duncan Laurence. As well as this, we’ve also had extended infamous clips of Eden singing her candidate songs in the car with Lucy Ayoub – who hosted Eurovision 2019. After all these great additions to the show, we eventually got the result – that Eden would sing “Set Me Free” at Eurovision this year.

Here is what we all think of the song:

Jazzi – Set Me Free is lower key than the other 2 and I am not sure whether it will stand out, that said the song is still competent and far from awful however I am dubious about its chances in Eurovision however there is still plenty of time to give it a revamp.

Rory – When I first heard Set Me Free, I liked the instrumental and the lyrical content had potential. Since then, it’s burrowed itself into my head and refuses to get out! I think it could stand out somewhat, depending on both the other songs in its semi-final and where it is in the running order. But I’m cautiously optimistic!

Rosie – Set Me Free might struggle to stand out. Eden’s vocals absolutely make this song, and we know she can perform live, but just being a great vocalist isn’t necessarily going to get you to a Eurovision final. I quite enjoy listening to it, but I worry it might get lost, especially if it’s surrounded by other upbeat entries.

Tim – This is my personal favourite, it shows off Eden as a vocalist. Mix this some choreography, I think she can put on a great performance. However, I know that not everyone is a fan of this.

So, what do you think of the winning song? Do you think Eden has a chance of making the final again for Israel? Who did you want to win HaShir Shelanu L’Eurovizion? Please do let us know by getting involved on our social media and below in the comments!

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