2021 host nation The Netherlands reveals their entry: Jeangu Macrooy to sing “Birth of a New Age”

2021 host nation The Netherlands reveals their entry: Jeangu Macrooy to sing “Birth of a New Age”

Jeangu Macrooy has today released his entry for this year’s Eurovision Song Contest in Rotterdam, Birth of a New Age! Have a listen to it here:

As Jeangu will be representing the host nation for this year’s contest, he will not be competing as part of the semi-finals, and automatically has a place in the grand final. Prior to the cancellation of the 2021 contest, he was supposed to represent The Netherlands with the song Grow.

What do we thing of The Netherlands’ song this year?

Jazzi – This is very different from โ€˜Growโ€™ I really like the choir in this one, this feels so heart warming I feel jurors will really enjoy this! It is very clear that Jeangu is doing something that is very authentic to him and we love him for it!

Rory – What a change for Jeangu from “Grow” to this! This song is so different from his 2020 entry, and it’s almost the antithesis to “Grow”. I love the funky elements, and it’s amazing to see Surinamese Creole make an appearance in Eurovision. I am incredibly impressed and excited to see more!

Rosie – The two words I have to describe this song are Black Excellence. It feels a little simpler than Grow in its structure, but its message of social justice and freedom is so deeply powerful, resonant and joyous, and in the current era of Black Lives Matter and other movements, it’s an inspired choice. I’m never a fan of choruses that repeat the same line over again, but the addition of Jeangu’s native Suriname language is fantastic, and I think both he and the Dutch delegation have an entry they can be really proud of.

Could Jeangu give The Netherlands a double victory? Let us know what you think!

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