Roxen releases Amnesia as Romania’s entry for Eurovision 2021

Roxen releases Amnesia as Romania’s entry for Eurovision 2021

Romanian singer Roxen has today released her entry for Eurovision 2021, Amnesia. You can listen to her song here!

Roxen was internally selected by Romanian broadcaster TVR last year to represent them in Rotterdam prior to the cancellation of the 2020 contest. Her song, Alcohol You, was chosen through a five-song national final.

She will perform in the second half of the first semi-final in May.

What do we think of Roxen’s entry this year?

Jazzi – This kind of just passes me by, it is by no means bad however it has very little impact on me. I do like her voice however and maybe her staging will make this song more memorable to me, however at this point I am worried for Romania sadly.

Rory – I can definitely tell that Roxen has been working hard over the past year, and ‘Amnesia’ is a good end product. This is far more interesting than Alcohol You, and with a harder driving beat – it really makes the scene more atmospheric. I love her voice, though her diction might need some work – but I’m hoping the problems can be tweaked out.

Rosie – I really enjoy listening to Amnesia, but I feel like in the studio version, Roxen’s voice (which is gorgeous) comes across as a little distorted, which makes me worry about how it’ll fare live. Amnesia is more grown up and interesting than Alcohol You, and I love the lyrics, but I hope it’ll translate well to a live performance.

Let’s hope the viewers don’t get Amnesia and remember to vote for her during the contest! Will you be alcholling (al-calling???) up for her? Let us know!

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