Montaigne to sing Technicolour for Australia in Rotterdam

Montaigne to sing Technicolour for Australia in Rotterdam

Montaigne will represent Australia with her song Technicolour at the Eurovision Song Contest in Rotterdam. Have a listen to it here!

After winning Australia Decides in 2020, Montaigne was supposed to represent Australia with the song Don’t Break Me before the contest’s cancellation. She had previously teased a song called JC Ultra, based around conspiracy theories, but this was apparently vetoed by the Australian delegation for being “too challenging“. She will compete in the first half of the first semi-final in May.

If you would like to hear more from Montaigne, she has announced her intention to vlog about her Eurovision experience over on her YouTube channel. You can take a look at her first video here!

What do we think of Montaigne’s entry?

Jazzi – ‘Technicolour’ is so much fun. This is a lot more impactful than ‘Don’t Break Me’ and feels very authentic to Montaigne. This will really stand out and I think it’s an easy qualifier in May. The song lends itself to very interesting staging, yeah I am hyped about this.

Rory – I had seen in Montaigne’s vlog she had recently published that she was hoping to go for a Charli XCX vibe and my god, did she deliver! This has a very SOPHIE-esque production and it’s incredibly hyper to say the least. Montaigne gives a fantastic vocal performance, and when the final chorus hits and the key changes I just hope she can nail that note. It sounds very promising, and I expect “Technicolour” to go up in my rankings fairly quickly.

Rosie – What a voice Montaigne has! It’s definitely a shift from Don’t Break Me, but this is a delight, and if she can pull it off live, Australia have a great chance of maintaining their 100% qualification streak. It’s complex, but catchy, and it just makes me miss dancing with my friends and singing loudly on a night out and I can’t wait until I can do that again and ensure this song is on the playlist.

How do you think Australia will fare this year? Are you looking forward to seeing Montaigne’s performance? Let us know!

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