Måneskin confirm that they will represent Italy at Eurovision 2021

Måneskin confirm that they will represent Italy at Eurovision 2021

Festival di Sanremo winners Måneskin have today confirmed that they will represent Italy at Eurovision 2021 with their song Zitti e buoni.

As Festival di Sanremo is a prestigious competition in its own right, winning artists are given first refusal as to whether they would like to then compete as Italy’s representative at Eurovision, rather than being automatically awarded the position.

Second and third place went to two former Eurovision contestants. 2016 participant Francesca Michielin came second in a duet with Fedez, Chiami per nome, and Ermal Meta, who participated in 2018 alongside Fabrizio Moro, came in third with Un millione di cose da dirti.

What do we think of Måneskin’s song?

Jazzi – This is a very different song to anything Italy have sent before, it’s also very rare we see two rock songs in one contest especially as heavy as ‘Zitti e Buoni’ and ‘Dark Side’ I am not sure how this will fair for them but I am loving it, I will admit it has taken a couple of listens though so I do have my doubts as at Eurovision most people are listening to the entry for the first time. However it is always nice to see countries do something different, so I am all here for this.

Rory – I was expecting quality from Italy as always, and boy did they come through – although in a completely different vein. This kind of glamour rock is something we’ve seen before at the Contest, but Måneskin takes it to a new level. Provided we don’t see Finland in a similar position to Italy, I can easily see this standing out in the final and potentially getting Italy that coveted 3rd win!

Rosie – There were about 10 acts in Sanremo that I would have been very happy to have representing Italy, and Måneskin was one of them. I’m delighted with this choice – it’s a powerful rock song with a fantastic melody, great lyrics and performed consistently charismatically every single night at Sanremo. It made a strong impact on me the first time I heard it, but my love for it has only grown with each listen – and I’ve listened to it a lot. I really, really hope this does well and connects with the rest of Europe on the night.

Let us know what you think of Italy’s now-confirmed entry!

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