Senhit brings in Flo Rida to sing “Adrenalina” for San Marino!

Senhit brings in Flo Rida to sing “Adrenalina” for San Marino!

San Marino’s entry to the Eurovision Song Contest has been finally released – a whole day early! Senhit will be singing her uptempo track “Adrenalina” in Rotterdam in the second semi-final, along with the help of rapper Flo Rida.

You can listen to the song, alongside the official music video here:

Earlier today, Senhit released a snippet of her competing song on the official Eurovision Youtube channel. The snippet included a piece from prominent American rapper Flo Rida. His inclusion in the snippet prompted many Eurovision fans to speculate whether we would see Flo Rida onstage in Rotterdam. However, when the Eurovision version of the song premiered on the Youtube channel, the rapper’s verse was heard. This means that Flo Rida will be representing San Marino in Eurovision 2021.

San Marino’s preparations for Eurovision 2021 have been extensive. Following her reconfirmation during Eurovision – Europe Shine A Light, Senhit has been hard at work creating a multitude of songs. Alongside her 2021 effort, Senhit has been treating Eurovision fans on a monthly basis on her “Freaky Trip to Rotterdam”. This included the Sammarinese singer covering hit songs from the Contest and reworking them to her uniquely psychedelic style. Her final installment in this trip was her cover/mash-up of Netta’s Toy and Nadav Guedj’s Golden Boy.

So what do we think of “Adrenalina”?

Jazzi – I am stunned! Is this San Marino?? This is absolutely their best ever entry, how they got Flo Rida I will never know however I absolutely love that they did. It’s modern but the inclusion of Flo Rida takes me right back to my childhood, this has to give San Marino their best ever result surely! San Marino have really put their time to good use and it will pay off them I am sure!

Rory – Well, if you ever thought that Flo Rida had any idea what Eurovision was, well now you’ve got confirmation! I love the sound of this – it sounds edgy, dark, sultry and all kinds of mystical! I am trying not to get too hyped for San Marino, but I am thinking a left-hand side placement in the final. But with Senhit’s unique delivery and the addition of Flo Rida, it’s going to draw points in left, right and centre. Time for the microstate to shine!

Rosie – When I woke up this morning (after a long night of Sanremo!) to hear that Flo Rida – FLO RIDA – was going to feature on San Marino’s entry, I couldn’t quite believe this was the timeline I was living in, but it seems to be true! Senhit returns with a more polished entry than Freaky was, with just a little bit of uniqueness from the underlying drumbeats. It’s a fantastic entry from San Marino, and while I can’t see it in my personal top 10, it’s a song I hope will do very well for them.

Now we have our 25th song for Eurovision 2021, we would love to know what you think! Do you like San Marino’s song? Is it better or worse than “Freaky” and “Stand By”? Did Flo Rida’s contribution to the song surprise you? Can San Marino get a top ten result with this or will the song struggle to qualify? As always, please do let us know what you think by getting involved in our social media channels and commenting below!

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