Måneskin wins Festival di Sanremo

Måneskin wins Festival di Sanremo

After five nights and many hours of performances, Måneskin has emerged as the winner of the Italian Festival di Sanremo with the song Zitti e buoni. Listen to the winning performance here!

Francesca Michelin & Fedez finished in second place with the song Chiami per nome, and third place was awarded to Ermal Meta with the song Un Millione Di Cose Da Dirti.

While Sanremo acts as a ‘de facto’ national selection for Italy, we will not have confirmation of whether Måneskin will represent them at the contest in Rotterdam until the winner’s press conference tomorrow morning. Keep an eye out for confirmation of who will represent Italy at this year’s Eurovision!

Additional Awards

Sanremo not only awards a prize to the overall winner of the contest, but smaller awards from each individual jury and for individual aspects of composition as well.

The Lucio Dalla Press Prize was awarded to Willie Peyote.

The Radio, TV and Web Prize was awarded to Colapesce & Dimartino.

The Giancarlo Bigazzi Orchestra Prize was awarded to Ermal Meta.

The Sergio Bardotti Prize for Best Lyrics was awarded to Madame.

The Final Night

26 acts competed as part of the final night of Festival di Sanremo. Amadeus and Fiorello hosted once again alongside a panoply of guests. The acts performing tonight were:

  • Ghemon – “Momento perfetto”
  • Gaia – “Cuore amaro”
  • Irama – “La genesi del tuo colore”
  • Gio Evan – “Arnica”
  • Ermal Meta – “Un millione di cose da dirti”
  • Fulminacci – “Santa Marinella”
  • Francesco Renga – “Quando trovo te”
  • Extraliscio ft. Davide Toffolo – “Bianca luce nera”
  • Colapesce & Dimartino – “Musica leggerissima”
  • Malika Ayane – “To piaci così”
  • Francesca Michielin & Fedez – “Chiamami per nome”
  • Willie Peyote – “Mai dire mai (la locura)”
  • Orietta Berti – “Quando ti sei innamorato”
  • Arisa – “Potevi fare di più”
  • Bugo – “E invece si”
  • Måneskin – “Zitti e buoni”
  • Madame – “Voce”
  • La Rappresentante di Lista – “Amare”
  • Annalisa – “Dieci”
  • Coma_Cose – “Flamme negli ocche”
  • Lo Stato Sociale – “Combat Pop”
  • Random – “Torno a te”
  • Max Gazzè & Trifluoperazina Monstery Band – “Il farmacista”
  • Noemi – “Glicine”
  • Fasma – “Parlami”
  • Aiello – “Ora”

Between these performances, we were treated once more to some delightful hijinks and bromance between our hosts, and a variety of guests from across Italy’s arts industries made appearances as co-hosts and performers. Achille Lauro performed once again, Zlatan Ibrahimovic gave us an array of bespangled jackets, and former Italian ESC representative and last year’s second-placer Francesco Gabbani joined veteran performer Ornella Vanoni in a duet. We also heard a reprise from Gaudiano, who won the Newcomers’ Section last night.

How do you feel about this year’s result? Would you like to see Måneskin on stage in Rotterdam? Let us know!

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