Belarus sends Galasy ZMesta to the Eurovision Song Contest 2021

Belarus sends Galasy ZMesta to the Eurovision Song Contest 2021

Today, we were treated to a surprise reveal from Belarus; a country who has been unusually quiet during the national final selection. Belarus’ public broadcaster BTRC revealed via Telegram that the group Galasy ZMesta would represent the country in Rotterdam. The song they will sing is “Ya Nauchu Tebya” – translated into English from Russian to “I’ll Teach You”.

You can listen to the Belarusian song for Eurovision 2021 here:

Belarus’ selection process has been unusually quiet, as BTRC typically runs a national selection. However, due to the political instability in the country following a president election in August, BTRC felt it was necessary to select the song internally. We had several candidates announce their intention to submit songs to the selection, including 2019 entrant ZENA. Most notably, the singer Kazna had submitted her song “Braids”, which was met with strong backlash from the fandom. However, the selection committee chose to go for the relatively unknown band Galasy ZMesta. Therefore, this will be the song that will represent Belarus in the Eurovision Song Contest 2021!

Our thoughts

So, what do we think of Belarus’ song for Eurovision?

Rory – When you look at the current situation in Belarus, you can totally understand that Eurovision probably isn’t the broadcaster’s top priority. But this is really something else. This feels lazy, this feels rushed and overall, it’s just not at the same level of quality as other songs in its semi-final. As problematic as “Braids” was, at least it was well-produced! However, I highly doubt this will do well in anyone’s eyes.

Rosie – I appreciate that Belarus as a country has much larger things going on right now, but this feels like a very non-competitive entry. After the delightfulness and powerful messages of VAL last year, this feels like I’ve stepped into a youth camp and they’re singing round a fire with a tambourine and might break into Wonderwall any minute. It’s not a song I’d call bad, but I can’t imagine it leaving an impression on anyone long enough to make it to the final.

Jazzi – This song leaves absolutely no impression on me, I can not see it in the final in Rotterdam. As a song it will simply just pass me by in May. I totally get Eurovision isn’t a priority for Belarus right now, however I do wonder whether given their current political climate if they would have been better off taking a year out, instead of sending something that will likely come bottom three in the semi.

That is what we think, but what do you think? Do you like Galasy ZMesta’s song for Rotterdam? Should Belarus have chosen last year’s representative VAL? Do you think Belarus will make it through to the final? As always, please do tell us what you think by commenting below. You can also get in touch by following our social media channels to tell us your opinion!

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