TES In Depth: North Macedonia’s Vasil with ‘Here I Stand’

TES In Depth: North Macedonia’s Vasil with ‘Here I Stand’

We are way into our reviews now, next we look at Vasil’s ‘Here I Stand’. Vasil will be representing North Macedonia at this years Eurovision Song Contest. Like all the acts in our reviews so far Vasil will perform in the first half of the first semi final. How do we rate it’s chances? Take a look at this video below to find out:

A look into Vasil’s career so far

In terms of vocal ability Vasil has loads of tricks up his sleeve, he is a choir singer, a pop singer and even has done a bit of opera. With all his vocal training we have nothing to worry about in terms of if he can pull ‘Here I Stand’ off live. Vasil was originally selected to represent North Macedonia in 2020 with his song ‘You. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic cancelling Eurovision 2020 Vasil’s participation had to be put on hold until this year!

Our takes on ‘Here I Stand’


Opinion: There is no doubt Vasil is an extremely talented vocalist, however this song doesn’t really do anything for me. I am not massively into the musical theatre genre, so the song is kind of just ‘there’ for me. I do however, have no doubts Vasil will pull off an excellent vocal performance and a song like this often lends itself to good staging.

Overall Ranking: 36th

Prediction: 12th-14th, this isn’t coming last like some fans predict in my opinion, juries will respect his vocal enough.


Opinion: I think it’s fair to say that North Macedonia’s story in Eurovision 2021 has been shaky. From Vasil being confirmed to having that participation be put into question before being reaffirmed – I do definitely feel for him. Vasil clearly believes in this song and it shows really heavily in the music video, as it shows his passion. It’s just that this song might really struggle in such a strong year. Were it to qualify, it would tank – though its one saving quality is that the juries could fall in love with this.

Overall Ranking: 38th

Prediction: 13th-16th in the semi-final.


Opinion: I have a soft spot for this song, and genuinely enjoy listening to it. I love Vasil’s voice, I like how it builds, I love the choral elements. However, In a year and semi-final as strong as this one, I struggle to see this making any kind of major impression. His vocals are sure to impress the juries, and a strong performance will definitely resonate with people at home, but I can’t ultimately imagine that this will be many people’s favourite song of all in semi final one, and struggle to see it making it to the final.

Prediction: 33rd

Overall Ranking: 13th-16th in the semi-final.

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Photo Credit: Martin Trajanovski

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