TES In Depth: Ireland’s Lesley Roy with ‘Maps’

TES In Depth: Ireland’s Lesley Roy with ‘Maps’

The next entry we are going to look at in our reviews is Ireland. This year Ireland’s Eurovision entry is called ‘Maps’ and will be sung by Lesley Roy. If you want to hear our thoughts on Lesley’s entry this year take a watch of the video below:

A look into Lesley Roy’s career

Lesley’s career began when they were signed to a Irish record label back in 2006, then releasing their first album ‘Unbeautiful’ back in 2008. Lesley like many artists this year was supposed to represent Ireland in 2020 with ‘Story Of My Life’ however due to the cancellation of Eurovision this could not happen. This year Lesley is back with their entry ‘Maps’. Lesley will perform in the first half of the first semi final of Eurovision.

Our opinions on ‘Maps’


Opinion: ‘Maps’ is one of Ireland’s most competitive entries in years! Ireland are in quite a tough semi final, however they have their strongest chance of making the final in a long time. If I was asked which entry I prefer I would say ‘Story Of My Life’. ‘Story Of My Life’ is just more to my personal taste. I would agree however that ‘Maps’ is probably more competitive for Eurovision.

Overall Ranking: 17th

Prediction: 8th-12th in the semi, as this semi final is so strong. If ‘Maps’ reaches the final I can see it placing around 14th-18th.


Opinion: As an Irish citizen, I find it always a lot more difficult to rate or even talk about my home nation without it sounding as if I’m biased. However, this needs to be said – this is by far and away the most competent Irish entry for Eurovision in almost 10 years. The song is upbeat, catchy and just OOZES “road trip energy”. Coupled with Lesley’s incredibly unique voice, “Maps” goes far beyond a typical Eurovision pop song and catapults it straight into something that could easily be found in the charts today. I pray that both juries and the televote will see the same things we do, but it could go either way with staging.

Overall Ranking: 6th

Prediction: 6th-10th in the semi-final. Once it has qualified, 11th-15th in the final.


Opinion: Sometimes a song just comes along and, without having anything you can tangibly put your finger on, just reaches a part of you that feels truly wonderful. Maps is one of those songs for me. It’s full of the sorts of music I love – heavy on the anthemic drums and violins and lyrics which just click something for me. I’m definitely preparing myself for heartbreak in semi-final one, and really hope that this is not one of the songs that adds to it. It fills me with so much joy and happiness and emotion and I hope the stage show and Lesley’s live performance persuades other people to love it as much as I do.

Overall ranking: 1st

Prediction: 5th-12th in the semi, and a mid-table position in the final if it qualifies.

Let us know your thoughts!

As with all our reviews, we want to know your thoughts on ‘Maps’ as well. Let us know what you are making of Lesley’s song by voting in the poll below.

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Photo Credit: Ruth Medjber

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