TES In Depth Australia’s Montaigne with ‘Technicolour’

TES In Depth Australia’s Montaigne with ‘Technicolour’

Our next review is of the Australian entry ‘Technicolour. Technicolour will be sung by Montaigne, who will perform in the first half of the first semi final. As ever you can listen to our full review of Montaigne’s song below:

Montaigne’s career so far

Montaigne’s career started back in 2016, when she released her first album Glorious Heights. Her debut album peaked at Number 4 in the Australian charts. Montaigne then went on to win the Australian national final Australia Decides in 2020 with her song ‘Don’t Break Me’. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic cancelling the 2020 Eurovision Song Contest Montaigne has been given another shot to represent her country.

Our opinions on ‘Technicolour’


Opinion: I love this song. I feel ‘Technicolour’ is very different to anything we have heard in the contest before and I really that. People have written this song off a bit too prematurely as a non qualifier in my opinion. I really hope to see this in the final as it brings a different energy compared to anything else we have in the contest. This for me is my favourite ever Australian entry.

Overall Placing : 5th

Prediction: 7th-11th in semi. If it qualfies 13th-19 in the final.


Opinion: The more I listen to this song, the more I enjoy it! However, in such a strong semi-final – I just know that it’s going to struggle – especially as Montaigne is taking a more artist risk with this than Don’t Break Me. The staging could go either way – either incredibly funky and weird that complements the song, or really wacky and tasteless that could ruin the vibe…I’m really hoping it’s the former!

Overall Placing: 7th

Prediction: 8th-10th in the semi-final. 15th-20th in final.


Opinion: I can absolutely understand how this song might not be some people’s thing. It’s certainly not the kind of music I would see myself being drawn towards at the outset. However, Montaigne’s unique, hypnotic voice has completely captured me, and I love this song. I love the lyrics, I love the sense of fun and meaningfulness it brings, and from a singer’s perspective, it’s a complex joy to perform! This song will be made or broken by the live performance, and it’s certainly a risky entry, but it’s a risk I’m absolutely rooting for. I really hope this will qualify.

Overall Placing: 8th

Prediction: 7th-12th in the semi-final, and upper half of the right hand side of the scoreboard in the final if it qualifies.

Let us know your thoughts

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Photo Credit: Jess Gleeson

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